Horoscopes for September 9th to September 16th


September 15th brings us a lean, clean New Moon in Virgo. Virgo is the sign of improvements, precision, honesty and service. This energy is fantastic for new beginnings, because you'll be aware of what's right, what's wrong, and what you can do to fix it/help others. However, keep in mind that the shadow side of Virgo can focus exclusively on what's wrong. That's how you get stuck in the bitter rut of "This will never work/I don't deserve this."   That's not the note you want something to begin with.  Approach this New Moon with the confidence that you will manifest the best possible situation/relationship/solution for you and others.


The New Moon lights up your sector of work and health. Use its potency to start (or recharge) your diet/exercise routine, work habits or co-worker relationships. This energy favours finding solutions for health issues, correcting niggling problems or dedicating yourself to a task or cause. This can be an exceptionally power influence that helps you focus, correct and perfect. "Healing and empowering your routine" is the theme. Keep in mind that this energy does not favour self-indulgence or selfishness. Even if you're charging up your personal routine, others will be affected.


Want to start a creative/desired project, personal goal or new romance off on the right foot? This New Moon is for you. Success in any of the above mentioned areas is a strong possibility if you notice the details and take nothing for granted. You'll have to put in some extra effort (and give a bit more of yourself) in order to see creative/romantic possibilities manifest, but it will be so worth it. Success/recognition will be directly connected to what you can do for your "audience".  For those of you trying to conceive a child, this is an auspicious New Moon.


This New Moon opens a new chapter in your home and family sector. Family discussions, rental/mortgage agreements, home businesses and small-scale renovations will all benefit from your attention to the fine print. Straightforward, honest communication and respect for the facts is hi-lighted. Improving existing issues (related to family health or home repairs) is likely if you focus on what you can do to help. This is not the time to put your interests first, even if you're confronted by glaring examples of what's "wrong".


Communication is a hot spot for you with this New Moon. And this does not involve any old words or phrases that you toss out there. Specific, detailed communication with a focus is what you want. This is not great for spontaneous/creative/emotional messages, but wonderful where a cool, precise presentation of the facts is needed. If you're waiting to hear back from someone, this Moon could deliver the goods. Don't get discouraged if it's not as juicy or exciting as you'd hoped. Pay attention to what the words actually mean.


The New Moon will help you whip your finances into shape. Make a budget and confront your spending habits; you'll have the discipline to do what's needed. New avenues of income could be revealed, or news about a pay increase could come your way. It may not be as much money as you'd hoped for, but you'll know exactly where you stand. If it's not good enough, what can you do to improve it? If you're worth more, come up with some realistic ideas to prove it. Emotional security will also be hi-lighted, as you take a look at what you actually have and how that can be built on.


This is an empowering New Moon for you. There's nothing clouding your Virgo energy, so set those intentions. This can be the influence that sets you on a new path or re-affirms your faith in yourself. It all depends on what you do with it. What are you capable of? What's next? The potentials are endless and all you need to do is believe in that goal/capability or potential. The real issue here is self-doubt. The universe is handing you an Ace with your name on it; are you going to toss it aside because you think you're not ready? You'll never "think" you're ready, but this New Moon is a sure sign that you are.


This New Moon ushers in a quiet, contemplative time for you. Whether it triggers the urge to pull back and re-charge, or you become aware of unexplored ideas/potentials, use its energy as a resting phase. You can probably feel things ripening, but this is the moment to inhale. "Exhale" will happen when the Sun crosses into your sign (on September 22). But until then, explore, prepare and clarify for yourself exactly what you want to carry forward.


The New Moon can show you which groups/associations/friendships will work best. The considerations will be based on practical, rather than emotional reasons. Sometimes you have to cut through the distractions to get to what matters, even in relationships. A friendship or new chapter of community involvement that's started now can be extraordinarily helpful for you. Alternatively, if you're contemplating what you can do for others, now is the time to put a plan into action. What do you want from your community/friends, and what are you prepared to do for them?


New opportunities, communications, introductions or responsibilities can manifest on this New Moon. They will be related to career, public image or future goals. Will they be exactly what you'd hoped for? Perhaps not, but give them a second look. Understand that, while this Moon's energy is fantastic for pinpointing what's wrong, it can also make you so picky that you miss what's right. Check the potential of what's offered; it may start small, but you can build on those details. Alternatively, this Moon may illuminate an area where you've overlooked certain details; now is your chance to jump in and correct things.


This New Moon offers fresh developments in the areas of long distance travel, education, publishing or legal matters. There's a solid lead manifesting now; you can use it as your introduction into a new area, or to introduce yourself to wider audience.  Communication is your ticket, so choose your words carefully and keep them targeted. Regarding formal documents (for legal, publishing or educational matters), the details mean everything. You can impress others with your mastery of the facts.


What do you have control over? On this New Moon,  you'll have to accept the fact that you don't have a say in everything. If you can get past this, and stay cool while you deal with the rest, you'll be fine. Intimacy/relationship boundaries may be challenging; this energy will be about working together to improve things. If there's no potential or desire for improvement (on either side) than it may be time to cut your losses. Alternatively, a new chapter in finances (debts, loans, taxes or your partner's finances) can be successful if you confront the truth about what's owed and how it can be paid off.


A promising new relationship could materialize on this New Moon, or an existing relationship could enter a new phase of honesty. This energy will illuminate exactly what you want in a partner, what you have, and what's missing. Whether you're single or involved, remember to focus on how you can improve things, rather than dwelling on what you don't have. There's a fine line between the two, but it can mean the difference between fulfillment in love and a consistent feeling that you're missing out.