The Next Chapter In Deep Release; Pluto In Capricorn Goes Direct

As if the upcoming Uranus/Pluto square wasn't exciting enough... Pluto in Capricorn goes direct on September 18th, right before it collides with Uranus.

When Pluto went retrograde (reversed) on April 10th, it was time to go back over the changes it had triggered in Capricorn. This would have impacted any planets between 6-9 degrees Capricorn. Retrograde motion is do-over time. Review, refresh, assimilate. And thank goodness for that, because Pluto's transit of Capricorn has been so major (what with the death of old structures, the excavation of old fears, etc.) You needed that time to come to terms with what Pluto was asking you to release.

Now it's moving forward again. Onwards and upwards. The next chapter in Pluto's deep cleaning epic starts with a bang as it squares off with Uranus. Accelerated learning, anyone? Just remember what you've had to release so far (in the Capricorn ruled house of your chart) and keep on letting go. The only way these influences can truly hurt you, is if you refuse to move forward.