The North And South Nodes, Part 2: A Step Deeper

Part 1 of this topic looked at the basics of interpreting the North and South Nodes.

Now, let's take a step beyond the basics. Did you know that your natal Pluto and Mars can also be used as part of the interpretation? According to Evolutionary Astrologer Jeffrey Wolf Green:

  • The house and sign position of Pluto in your chart describes the desires that drove you (in your past life and as fallback behaviour in this life) because of the situations described by the South Node.
  • Pluto's polarity point (the house and sign position directly opposite Pluto) represents the desires that need to be developed through your North Node.
  • Because Pluto represents the subconscious, your Mars describes how Pluto's desires will be consciously acted out. Remember that Mars used to be considered Scorpio's ruler, and Pluto is a higher octave of Mars' energy.

Going back to the planetary rulers of the Nodes (which I described in Part 1), they (the planets) manifest the situations of the North and South Nodes. Pluto manifests the desires that come about through those situations. So if you want to be firing on all evolutionary cylinders, work on developing your NN and Pluto's polarity point. 

Got that? It can get complicated if you start to juggle all these planets and points. If you want a general interpretation, stick to the Nodes and their planetary rulers. That will give you the Coles Notes version. Add Pluto and Mars if you want the full story.

 There can also be some twisty scenarios when the ruler of the SN is conjunct the NN, and vice versa. What does that mean? It's not as confusing as it seems. It simply suggests that your SN lessons need to be worked through more throughly in this life, in order to get to that NN. Basically, you're not done with your SN yet.

If you're interested in some advanced reading on Pluto, Mars and the Nodes, Jeffrey Wolf Green published two books that are available on Amazon. "Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of The Soul" and "Pluto: The Soul's Evolution Through Relationships" are the definitive texts on this subject. But some of the reading is quite dense. Only pick these books up if you're into advanced astrology.