Horoscopes for October 14th to October 21st



October 15th features a light, breezy New Moon in Libra. Jupiter retrograde in communicative Gemini lends some support with a wide trine, suggesting that new developments may be based on previous information or scenarios. But no matter what they're based on, all new beginnings will go far if you work with the available energy. That means keep it light and stay open. For most, new opportunities will be tied to socializing or networking. But even if you're doing your own thing, stick with Libra's "mirror rule": what you put out will bounce right back at you.


The New Moon in your relationship sector can introduce a fun, lighthearted relationship, or boost an existing one. Jupiter retrograde's influence indicates that past communications will be the key to get the ball rolling. Take another shot and say what's on your mind; it could lead to much more. Note that this energy is light and sociable, so flirtatious compliments and polite banter will get you much further than an aggressive come on. Some of you may have to choose between two partners/options. Themes will involve balancing your whims with the feelings of others. Remember that keeping it light is not the same as being careless.


The New Moon in your sector of work and health can spark a routine/work decision. Jupiter retrograde's influence ensures that you'll stay busy as past security/resource issues reappear, but will it be too much of a good thing? Remember to balance your obligations with personal time. Co-worker relationships are hi-lighted, and this should be a harmonious time when your efforts are appreciated. An excellent time to start a new diet or exercise routine, and health matters  in general can take a turn for the better.  Financial/emotional growth and security can feed into this influence as you revisit your options.


This is your week to give something another try. The New Moon in your sector of creativity and celebrations hooks up with Jupiter retrograde in your sign, presenting opportunities for romance, creative success or the attainment of a personal goal. Because Jupiter is currently retrograde, you'll have more luck if this involves information or an introduction that's already known. This could signify a second shot at a romance you thought was going nowhere, or a project/goal that was put on hold. For those of you trying to conceive, this is an auspicious  influence.


The New Moon (your ruler) lights up your sector of home and family, creating a warm, celebratory atmosphere. Home entertaining, launching a home business or initiating matters involving mortgages/rental agreements/home repairs are all favoured. With Jupiter's guardian angle influence, there's more help/support than you realize.  Relocating and/or moving in with someone should proceed smoothly.  The key in all scenarios is to balance your personal needs/ambitions with the needs of others. Libra's influence makes it essential that you remain objective.


This New Moon hits your communication sector, giving you an opportunity to make an important introduction, debut an idea or start a conversation. Jupiter helps to ensure that your message will be received in the best possible way, especially if this is your second attempt. No matter what you're saying, deliver it with a light hand; this energy is about suggestions and options, rather than commands. Alternatively, you could receive a desired message/confirmation on a topic that you thought was a lost cause. Stay open and receptive, and demonstrate that you're ready to play ball.


This New Moon can be very good for you, financially. Now is the time to ask for that raise or launch a new side project that could bring in more money. This will involve a career opportunity (perhaps one that you had given up on). In general, the more effort you put into your public image/status/career, the more dividends this Moon will net you regarding personal security. But this is not the time to go it alone; networking, PR and putting your best face forward are all essential to make this energy work. Doing the public dance may be distasteful to you, but it's necessary.


You can breath now that Saturn has left your sign. And things are about to get even better, as the sweet New Moon in Libra opens up horizons/opportunities involving long distance travel, education, publishing or legal matters. Jupiter retrograde suggests that a previous opportunity is not quite finished, so be prepared to re-visit. Is there something you overlooked? Check again, because this is the time when it could finally launch. The only thing that will hold you back is indecision.


This New Moon will whisper some intriguing possibilities or hidden potentials. It's all a bit quiet right now, and with Saturn's recent entrance into your sign, you may overlook it completely. Don't get distracted; there is something nice brewing in the background. It might involve information that seems too good to be true, or something that you had forgotten about entirely. Quiet encouragement and acceptance are your themes for this week.


This super social New Moon can bring new friends into your orbit, or just give you an incentive to enjoy the friends you have. Jupiter retrograde's influence can throw some intrigue into the mix with the return of a past lover, or the re-appearance of a relationship topic. Either way, you can decide how it will play out if you focus on nurturing your friendships and group associations, rather than getting distracted by recurring relationship scenarios. There is the potential for a positive new beginning here, but you must demonstrate your intention to keep moving forward.


Fresh career opportunities abound on this New Moon, although they may be connected to work you've done in the past. Past choices/obligations or efforts that you thought no one was appreciating will now show their true value. Others have been taking notice, and now's the time show them what you've got. Because of this Moon's social energy, it's best if you respond with grace and appreciation. It's not about being fake; it's about making a welcoming space for new developments.


This bright New Moon can start a fresh chapter in long distance travel, relocation, publishing or legal matters. Any area that you've been looking to move forward in can now open up. This may be connected to past personal goals or creative efforts that (at the time) seemed to stall or evaporate. It's back on now, and it's up to you to reach for it. You may be presented with a couple of choices, or your decision may involve balancing the old with the new. Know that the new is very much a part of what's personally satisfying for you.


The New Moon opens up some happy developments in shared finances (taxes, debts, loans or your partner's finances). Unexpected assistance from a family member, or information form your past, could feature in the good news. If you've been juggling payments for a new home or business loan, this Moon could work in your favour as well. Alternatively, a new, intimate chapter can begin with your partner. Keep things balanced between your desires and their needs, and don't be thrown off by the feeling that you may not have it all under control (you don't). This energy suggests that letting someone in can be fun.