Horoscopes for October 28th to November 4th


Venus moves into Libra (the sign she rules) on October 28th (until November 21st), hi-lighting the importance of give and take/social interaction. Like it or not, much depends on how we dance with others. The Full Moon in Taurus follows on October 29th, pushing solid conclusions/potentials. Venus also rules Taurus, so there will be a connection between what culminates with values/security/resources (Taurus) and how that translates to an exchange with others (Libra). Mercury moves into Sagittarius (also on October 29th) and hits Neptune with a confusing square. The results of the Full Moon may be initially questioned or misconstrued. Before indulging in overblown expectations or fears, go back to the source; what's changing, and why? The simplest answer is your best bet.


Sweet energy suffuses your love life as Venus enters your relationship sector. Existing relationships can become more indulgent, and a flirtatious new attraction could make itself known (whether you're single or attached).  Remember that Venus in Libra works best with balance and objectivity; always consider the message you're sending out. The Full Moon can solidify a new relationship opportunity, or make you feel more secure about an existing partnership. Alternatively, Venus and the Full Moon can solidify a lucrative business deal/partnership. Mercury's entrance into your opportunities sector can give all new developments the feel of limitless potential. But the illusory square to Neptune asks you to proceed with caution. New opportunities are probably solid, but there may be some hidden agendas/details that you need to uncover. Don't be afraid to ask pointed questions. Also, make sure your actions are not driven by inflated/unacknowledged expectations.


Venus (your ruler) enters your sector of work and health, infusing your daily routine with optimism and harmony. Relations with co-workers should go smoothly, and most of your focus will be on helping others. Troublesome health issues should improve as well, and beneficial interactions with medical professionals will be key. On the other hand, discipline involving diet and exercise can be at an all time low.  The Full Moon in your sign can signal a definitive conclusion; you may feel that you've reached your point of no return regarding a long standing situation.  Mercury's move into your sector of shared resources can trigger fast moving conversations/ideas about intimacy or financial matters. The muddled square to Neptune will make initial decisions doubtful. If you're questioning what's real/what's best, use the Full Moon's energy as your no fail guide; if it feels like it's over or ready to move to the next phase, then that's where it's at.


It's time to celebrate, socialize, shine and put your best face forward. Venus' move into your sector of creativity and celebrations boosts your attraction and charisma. New creative and romantic potentials abound. However, these potential may be off to a bumpy start as the Full Moon hits your sector of secrets. Illusions will be revealed; if it was going nowhere, it will come to an absolute end. Mercury's entrance into your partnership sector (combined with the illusory square to Neptune) can signal romantic disappointment involving relationship ideals and public image. But after you get past these initial speed bumps, remember that Venus will remain in this sector until November 21st. Whatever/whoever you have to let go of will quickly be replaced by other enticing opportunities with more promise.


Venus moves into your sector of home and family, bringing warmth and abundance to family celebrations or intimate times with someone special. Home businesses can see a boost as client relations become especially fruitful. The Full Moon in your sector of friends, groups and hopes can signal a turning point in how you deal with others, or how you embrace your destiny. An ending or next step could have an "it's about time" energy, but Mercury's tricky square to Neptune suggests that you must look before you leap. Mercury will be in your sector of work, duties and health, so double check that you have all the information, plus the time and resources, before you move forward.  If others are promising something, they may not be telling you the whole story.


Venus' move into your communications sector makes you the spin master. You'll be able to deliver the message in just the right way, to almost any audience. You could also receive a desired message/comment that brightens up your entire week. The Full Moon in your sector of career and status can signal a shift or ending at your current job, but it may be the best thing for you. However, as Mercury enters your sector of creativity and celebrations, its hopeful square to Neptune can see you counting on possibilities that will never materialize. Ensure that all developments regarding your job and public image are based on solid facts. This goes for opportunities that are presented to you, and promises you make to others.


Venus enters your security sector, bringing a much needed financial/emotional boost. You can attract abundance/security, and this will be based on how much you feel you deserve. The Full Moon draws a finish line (finally) on your arduous journey towards a distant goal (possibly involving long distance travel, legal matters, education or distant potential). As Mercury (your ruler) enters your sector of home, family and childhood, its square to Neptune will work with the Full Moon to dissolve a final limit.  Much of this will be rooted in past circumstances and relationship dynamics, and may involve a release, acceptance or realization of your actual potential. If a cherished relationship dream turns to disappointment, know that the way is being cleared for something real.


Venus enters your sign, boosting all your natural talents; charm, sociability, flirtatiousness. You can attract a lot of attention, but make sure that your priorities/intentions are in order so you're attracting who/what you most desire. The Full Moon in your sector of shared resources can trigger a financial or relationship realization. It may be time to let go, pay your bills or move a bit deeper. You have the confidence/capabilities to handle all of this. Mercury enters your communication sector and its tricky square to Neptune can make initial conversations/messages unclear. Make sure you and the other person are both on the same page; expectations may not match reality.


It's all about hidden potentials, as Venus enters your sector of secrets. You may decide to pull back, keep to yourself or investigate something that was not immediately obvious. The Full Moon in your relationship sector can trigger an ending or definitive next chapter to a partnership. Whether you use the upcoming weeks to heal in isolation or move into unfamiliar territory, know that Mercury's confusing square to Neptune can make you feel like you're on shifting ground. Mercury's move into your security sector makes your stability a primary concern, but don't make panicked decisions based on how you feel right now. The facts will become clearer over the next few weeks, and you'll get the hang of this new situation.  The ending/change was real and vital; give yourself some time to catch up.


One door closes, another one opens. Venus enters your sector of friends and groups, livening up your social life and future romantic prospects. Anything and everything is possible, so kick back and enjoy. This will be especially important as the Full Moon draws a work or health situation to a close. Leaving behind an entrenched situation can spell relief or regret, and much of this will involve your obligations to others. As Mercury enters your sign, its dubious square to Neptune can muddy the waters with old habits or family concerns. Do not allow the echoes of past issues to throw you off track; keep moving forward.


Venus enters your sector of career and status, boosting your public image and relations with higher ups. There's so much potential here, and it all hinges on your ability to network and dance the social dance. You'll attract allies, but you must show your appreciation/willingness to play. The Full Moon can ripen a creative/romantic potential, showing you that there was something worthwhile brewing all along. Mercury's move into your sector of secrets (along with its confusing square to Neptune) can make you doubt what's in front of you or project your own fears/expectations. What you see is what you get with this one; don't embellish or make it more complicated then it needs to be.


It's all about what's new and what the future has in store for you. Venus' move into your sector of opportunities opens up a relocation, distant romance, legal or educational development. How far can you go? The Full Moon in your sector of home and family assists you with your march towards the horizon as an old situation/relationship/family dynamic is finally laid to rest. These combined influences are very much about moving on from the past. Mercury's entrance into your sector of friends and groups can enliven  your social connections as well, but use caution if someone asks for help. The square to Neptune can make it unclear how much is appropriate to give. Don't let others take advantage of your charity.


Venus enters your sector of shared resources, making intimacy sweeter and financial matters (debts, taxes, loans or your partner's finances) positive. This is not the time to go it alone, and you probably won't have to. The Full Moon can trigger a final decision or come to Jesus talk. This is the time for definitive statements (indeed, you won't be able to avoid them), but Mercury's square to Neptune in your sign could find you questioning your potential. If you're being pushed for an answer, remember these two things: you can go as far as you want, and your potential is continuously expanding. Neptune's transit of your sign is gradually dissolving old limits/fears/self-perception.