Working With Transits To Your Chart

So. You know what transits are going to hit your chart. "Transiting X is going to trine my Moon!" Fantastic. But then what? What do you do with that information?

A client made me aware of the distinction between describing how a transit will affect someone, and letting them know what they can do with it.

In general:

  • When a transiting planet trines your natal planet(s), that transit will act as a release. If you have blocked energy, a trine from a transit can offer an outlet (based on the house and sign the transit is passing through). Use it to free yourself from limits/fears/inertia.
  • When a transiting planet conjuncts your natal planet(s), that transit will magnify or focus the energy of your natal planet. Transiting Saturn acts as a focuser. Transiting Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus will magnify. Transiting Neptune expands, but does it so sneakily that it feels more like blurring the boundaries. Use this transit with an awareness of how your natal planet operates; do you want to strengthen it, or would it be better if you put some limits on it?
  • When a transiting planet opposes your natal planet(s), you'll get to know the extreme limits of your natal planet's energy. To beat the "fishtail effect" (being pulled back and forth between your planet and the transiting planet) remember that an opposition has a balance point between two signs. All opposite signs have something in common; find out what it is and aim for that.
  • When a transiting planet squares your natal planet(s), the tension of the square will demand that a change is made. This is the transit that calls for action; do something to make the tension go away. What you do depends on the planets involved, but action is always on the agenda. Where you feel the most tension is where the change needs to be made.