A Deeper Cut: Saturn's Opposition to Taurus


How will Saturn's transit through Scorpio impact Taurus?

Saturn will be opposing Taurus. An opposition indicates a confrontation or choice. Scorpio is about merging and Taurus is about fortifying boundaries. Saturn's transit of Scorpio will focus Taurus' attention on any or all of the

following issues:

  • Holding on versus letting go
  • Surviving versus thriving
  • Playing it safe versus diving in

Saturn's opposition works by presenting a set of limits. The limits force you to adjust your focus, or get real about what you're doing. Anyone with planets in Taurus should look at the house opposite those planets, and ask themselves the following questions:

  • how are the current (or approaching ) limits going to help me take the energy of my Taurus planet(s) to a deeper level?
  • what am I afraid of losing?

Saturn oppositions can feel harsh at first, especially if you keep banging your head against the wall with a routine that doesn't work. You will have to adjust your trajectory, or re-dedicate yourself to something you've let slide. Whatever it is will take you a bit deeper (Scorpio) than you're used to. The good news? You're ready for it (Saturn says so). Keep this in mind: Taurus is the sign of survival, Scorpio the sign of death, but they hold the potential for birth (Taurus) and re-birth (Scorpio). 

Those with planets between 0-9 degrees Taurus will feel the Saturn opposition this year. In 2013, those with planets between 4-20 degrees Taurus will experience the opposition.