Horoscopes for November 11th to November 18th


The New Moon Solar Eclipse on November 13th happens in Scorpio, the sign of all or nothing. This sets the tone for new beginnings; you're either in or out. Some may find that maximum emotional dedication is required, while others will be compelled to push the limits. Everyone may feel a bit uncomfortable as deep authenticity is demanded. Secrets, surface appearances and avoidance tactics will not be tolerated. A demanding eclipse, but for those willing to honestly explore their passions/fears/impulses, a rewarding one.


This eclipse can trigger something deep and beyond your control. Will it be positive or not? Depends on how you feel about being out of control. You'll have to hand at least one rein to someone else, and that feeling of letting go can be thrilling or terrifying. But it will be necessary. You can't handle this one all on your own; you'll need help or it will be in your best interests to allow someone to get close. Areas where these issues can come into play might include shared finances (debts, taxes, loans, your partner's finances), intimacy or psychological revelations.


The eclipse sets you on a more profound partnership track. An existing relationship may be pushed to the next level of commitment, or you may find yourself really questioning how much deeper you want to go. If you're single, this eclipse could introduce an intense new love interest that pushes you out of your comfort zone. Alternatively, a business partnership could produce some uncomfortable revelations. For all Taureans, the theme will be uncovering the truth behind your one on one relationships. Any comfortable lies or avoidance tactics will be dismantled.


Your work and health sector will be hit by this eclipse. How much you contribute, your duties, responsibilities (to yourself and others) and co-worker relationships will be up for examination. Watch for an intensified/more demanding regime at work as others expect total commitment. Hidden health issues can be revealed, but this can also be an excellent time to kick start an ambitious new exercise/diet/self care routine; you'll be in the mood to dedicate yourself completely. Any changes you make now can have a profound ripple effect on other areas of your life.


How much do you want that new romance, creative goal or success story? This eclipse opens a door and points you in the right direction; you just have to step through. New beginnings will be intense and all encompassing. Success (both romantic and creative) will depend on your absolute emotional dedication. Paranoia, obsession and overindulgence can manifest as the Shadow sides of this influence, so make sure that where you're directing your energy is productive and healthy. How do you know if it's good for you? Ask yourself if you feel energized or angry, sure of yourself or needing to control someone else.


This eclipse can mark a critical new chapter in your home or family situation. Digging into/breaking away from the past, relocating, adding a new addition to the family or starting a home business are possible occurrences. New beginnings will be based on your ability to rise from the ashes of a previous ending or turn deeply embedded pain/family secrets into healing. This eclipse can feel especially uncomfortable for those with unfinished childhood issues.  Alternatively, home finances can experience a re-birth, but only after some confrontational soul searching about domestic spending habits is done.


What's beneath the words will be the theme for this eclipse. Intense conversations, powerful messages and revelations could occur, so be prepared to receive a thorough answer. Know that what's communicated is probably just the tip of the iceberg. You may not like what you sense, but it will be the truth, and you're always up for that. If you're delivering the message, know that your words will have the deepest possible impact. If you want to make an impression or initial contact, now is a good time as long as the other party is looking for depth (not everyone is). Alternatively, there might be profound new beginnings coming up for a sibling or close friend.


The eclipse focuses you on matters of personal security. This could be an excellent time to make more money (ask for a pay increase), but you may also find yourself saddled with a new expense. Whatever manifests will be about making your life solid and stable on the deepest level. Emotionally, you could begin a powerful new phase of relationship fulfilment,  or decide what you need to do/get to increase your self esteem. Emotional honesty is a must if you want satisfaction; don't shrink from going after your deepest needs. If someone can't/won't provide it, you'll know immediately.


The New Moon eclipse in your sign can propel you forward or mark a critical turning point. Solar eclipses are about new beginnings, so whatever starts on or near this date can set the tone for the year ahead. Whether a new development occurs, or you decide to make some changes on your own, this is prime time for setting intentions. Decide on what you're prepared to devote serious energy to (even if that includes leaving something or someone behind) then do it. You are the master of transformation, and this energy can be your Phoenix moment.


Out come the secrets and the hidden potentials with this eclipse. What you've tried to cover up, ignore or forget about will not remain hidden. This could be positive or challenging, depending on what it is you haven't acknowledged. This influence will occur in the sector of your chart that's beneath your level of conscious awareness, so it could have a powerful affect on your intuition and dreams. Pay attention to gut feelings and what you just "know", even if there's no logic to back it up.


Your social life, group relations, personal hopes and wishes can be impacted by this eclipse. An intense new contact or opportunity can push you so far out of your comfort zone that you may not recognize the landscape. Be fearless and push forward; this is destiny time. Whatever rules/limitations you've been living by will not apply under this influence. Others will expect your full-on passion and dedication to a cause or association. Are you prepared to give everything you've got? There's much for you to gain, if you do.


Your career/status is amped up a few notches with this eclipse. A new job opportunity or strategic meeting with higher-ups can plunge you into something all encompassing and rewarding. Future goals may be transformed as you (finally) get close to what you truly desire. You will be in the spotlight, so make sure there are no secrets. Manipulations and power plays will be very tricky to handle and could backfire; keep it honest and authentic. Your reputation is key, so meet all challenges directly.


This eclipse will fire up your opportunities sector. Watch for new developments involving long distance travel, education, legal matters or publishing. Someone or something new/exotic could be especially compelling, and yet you'll find that it all slides into place. The theme will be about pushing beyond what's familiar, into uncharted waters. You may experience some free fall, but trust that you'll land safely.