Horoscopes For November 18th to November 25th


When the Sun changes signs, it moves the Universal spotlight onto certain themes. On November 21st, the Sun enters Sagittarius, which is about hopes, ideals, belief and exploration. On the same day, Venus moves into all or nothing Scorpio and trines dreamy Neptune in Pisces. This combination of energies suggests that dreams related to love/money/self esteem are achievable with the right blend of commitment and passion. Not everyone will get what they desire, but those who have the courage to push beyond fears/self-limiting habits, will stand a much better chance. Isn't this true all the time? Yes, but right now the current is moving in a direction that enables this, so it's that much easier to step towards a deeply held desire.


The Sun lights up your sector of long distance travel, legal matters, education and new opportunities.  Exploration/achievement in any of these areas is fuelled by hopes, ideals and perhaps a touch of fantasy. You're feeling the dizzying urge to push off into uncharted waters, but it's all good. Venus' entrance into your sector of shared resources and intimacy can help you dive deeper than you expected. A new attraction can be all encompassing, a new financial development can feel too good to be true. Some hidden reservoirs of belief and dreams will be tapped, and you may not even recognize yourself. Let go and see what happens.


The Sun moves into your sector of shared resources, drawing your attention to intimacy (the expansion of boundaries, faith in your partner) or shared finances (debts, taxes, loans, your partner's finances). You'll be looking at what you're ready to share and who you can trust with what's most precious to you, especially as Venus enters your partnership sector. Your personal resources (material or emotional) have always been an area that you've protected. Now you'll be presented with opportunities to get some much-needed assistance and support. All partnerships (business and romantic) can benefit under these influences, so allow yourself to trust.


The Sun puts the spotlight on partnerships. Whether business or romantic, you'll be concerned with issues such as shared ideals and future plans. Does your concept of what's "right" line up with your partner's? Slow down for a few minutes and really listen to what they have to say. Actually, you'll be compelled to do this, because Venus' entrance into your sector of service and duties puts your interests second. It's all about what needs to be done for another, and you'll be asked to give the maximum amount. Here's what will help; keep the big picture in mind. What you do on the small scale is directly connected to furthering your future goals and (yes) dreams.


The Sun enters your sector of work, routine and health, drawing your attention to what needs taking care of. Whether it's numerous tasks, health issues or just organizing your life, you'll be looking at how you can do more with what you've got. Pay attention to how your daily habits support or hinder a creative goal or new romance.  Do your actions empower what you want to happen? Venus' connection to Neptune suggests a rare opportunity to manifest something very special, but you'll have to focus on the mundane realities as well.  Are doing/giving all you can to make room in your life for something you want? Mars' move into your relationship sector (as of November 16th) gives you the motivation to liven up/manifest a relationship; use that energy.


The Sun enters your sector of creativity and romance, pushing you to shoot for the stars. You want more (attention, appreciation, glamour, approval) and you may feel that there's no reason why you can't have it. For some, you may get exactly what your heart desires. Venus' move into your home and family sector can signal an intimate romance moving to the next level or the urge to beautify your home/intensify the nurturing. Home businesses can flourish and home entertaining can be extravagant, with a possible financial boost (due to a loan or inheritance). But for others, you may need to confront family /childhood issues (involving love, secrets and survival) before you can go after what you feel you deserve. This could be a time of releasing deep pain, and the energy is compassionate.  Don't be afraid to venture down the rabbit hole.


The Sun enters your sector of home and family, hi-lighting domestic concerns. Family ideals, relocation, expanding a home business and all legal matters related to dwellings and parents may come up. Venus' move into your communication sector ensures that you'll have exactly the right words to handle whatever comes your way. You'll be combining impact with social awareness/magnetism as what you say/write will be boosted by your increasing intuition of what others are looking for. What feels like the right thing to say probably is; trust your gut. Alternatively,  you and your partner will be on exactly the same page when it comes to home/family matters. Enjoy the harmony/support and don't hesitate to broach some uncomfortable subjects; your words will be well received.


The Sun enters your communication sector and you become more concerned with what you say and how you say it. This could involve increased studying, public speaking or overall busyness as the volume of emails/conversations increases. Others will pay attention. You won't be taking any of this lightly, as Venus (your ruler) moves into your security sector. All communications/ideas will be driven by the bottom line; what's in it for you and does it have substance? This would be an ideal time to negotiate for a pay increase, propose a business strategy or discuss the emotional nuts and bolts in a relationship. Note that Venus' trine to Neptune in your sector of work and daily routine suggests that a shift/opening up of certain habits will enable you.


The Sun moves into your security sector, turing your attention to finances and emotional security. You may feel the need to expand what you already have, or confirm if you and your partner are on the same page. Fortunately, Venus' entrance into your sign ensures that you can magnetize whatever you need. Money, attention and affection can all be prosperous areas for you right now (even with Saturn in your sign), as long you're selective about what/who you're attracting. Venus' trine to dreamy Neptune can bring you a dream come true or an illusion; focus on bringing in only the best, even if you have to get a bit ruthless.


It's your time of year again. The Sun enters your sign as you look at your goals, hope, ideals and opportunities for the year ahead. You're always looking for what's on the horizon, but this can be an especially informative time as the pure potential of solar energy brings certain issues into stark focus.  Some of these might include hidden/unacknowledged dreams or potentials. Venus' move into your hidden sector may turn your attention to past/secret romances or old habits that have been feeding your desires. Are they holding you back, or giving you something rich to work with? You already know the answer. Act accordingly, by purging toxic associations/lingering hopes, or finally diving in and embracing what you've been putting off.


The Sun's entrance into your hidden sector may prompt you to pull back for the sake of healing or re-evaluating. Now is the time to ask yourself what you've overlooked or neglected. Venus' move into your sector of friends and groups can make associations unusually intense and hopeful; should you believe what someone is saying? You really want to, and the idealism that's being triggering can be quite beautiful. Mars' entrance to your sign (on November 16th) will give you the focused initiative to figure out who's got your back and who hasn't.


The Sun lights up your sector of friends and groups, turning your attention to social opportunities. Whether you decide to widen your circle or focus your energy on a socially relevant cause, it's time to step out and make yourself known. Venus' move into your career sector supports this nicely, as you magnetize favourable attention for your successes and ambitions. It's all about strategic associations now. Pay attention to how your personal values/security needs are gradually shifting, and make sure you incorporate these new values into the message you're putting out.


The Sun's move into your career sector can make you unusually focused on status. What's your next step? Are you being recognized and respected? Venus' trine to Neptune in your sign suggests that the path to attracting what you want lies in the areas of education, publishing, legal matters, long distance travel or any area that will take you out of immediate environment. Look further, and you'll find something highly beneficial. Part of this may involve a leap of faith in your capabilities. This could include a new job offer, client or responsibility. Can you handle it? Of course you can.