Horoscopes for November 25th to December 2nd


Mercury goes direct in Scorpio on November 26th, propelling us forward with newly uncovered information or a recognition of deeper motivations. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on November 28th (in Mercury ruled Gemini) will takes these themes to the ultimate conclusion. Final choices and definitive information will be influenced by the Moon's inconjunct to Venus/Saturn in Scorpio and Mars/Pluto in Capricorn. Inconjuncts demand adjustment, so the events of this eclipse will feel constrained by rules (Saturn) and power struggles (Pluto). But supportive Jupiter/Sagittarius energy (the Moon will oppose the Sun in Sag and Jupiter will be close by in Gemini) promises the chance to launch something new or improved. No matter where this eclipse takes you, use it as a springboard for something better.


Mercury direct can get you moving on finances (taxes, debts, loans, your partner's finances). Choices may be based on the outcome of research or hidden details. If you need to sign documents/agreements, now's the time. Alternatively, discussions about intimacy may move ahead after a period of soul searching or suspicion. Even if you continue to put discussions off, the eclipse will trigger a "say it now" moment. Answers will be demanded (from you or by you), but what you hear/say will be in response to external authorities and limits (involving your career/public status and the agenda of someone close to you). You may be pressured to make a narrow choice, or feel like your words are being scripted. The addition of optimistic Jupiter/Sagittarius energy to the mix suggests that this moment can be a springboard to a new opportunity, if you're prepared to jump.


Mercury direct in your relationship sector can move you along the path to deeper commitment, or a relationship wind-down. Themes will include the discovery of true motivations/relationship needs. Whether the results are deeply desired or challenging, you'll feel them during the eclipse as your security is impacted. You'll be pushed to make a final choice, based on your needs versus partnership "rules", and ambitious opportunities (in the areas of long distance travel, education, legal matters or publishing). Deciding what you're worth will be strongly influenced by the demands of future goals, and your drive for accomplishment in personal/professional areas. The key is to adjust your expectations to reality, but don't allow your values to be totally governed by what you "must" have. Jupiter/Sagittarius' expansive energy indicates that you can turn this into a feel-good leap that boosts your security; have faith in what you and someone else can accomplish together.


Mercury direct (your ruler) says it's time to get down to work. Office projects, health issues and routine plans that have been delayed will now move full steam ahead. This is the time to attend to medical issues, make that doctor's appointment and have that co-worker discussion. The eclipse in your sign can signal a culmination/turning point/ending, but what happens will run up against those work/health issues plus control issues involving finances or intimacy.  Personal choices will have to take your current obligations to others and personal habits into consideration. There will be a conflict between your ambitions and your duties, but know that Jupiter/Sagittarius suggest that there's still room for you to move, even within these limits. The theme for this eclipse is making the most of what you've got.


Mercury direct can see forward momentum with a personal goal, new romance or creative project. The time for exploration is over; speak/write passionately, and put everything you've got behind those words. The eclipse can uncover a hidden potential or put you on the hot-seat regarding that personal goal or romance. Others (especially a partner) may demand to see the reality behind your words, or you may feel an internal push to take control and put your cards on the table. Whether the outcome is the manifestation of a dream, or an unpleasant truth, you've sensed the reality for some time. No more half-way measures; you'll be armed with a potent realization of what you're capable of. The Jupiter/Sagittarius influence insists that this new reality is perfectly in line with your dreams. It's amazing what you can accomplish once indecision has been swept away.


Mercury direct can close a chapter on a family situation/childhood issue/relocation discussion. Mortgages/home financing/rental agreements can be signed, and it will be a relief to finally see progress regarding the ghosts of the past. But it's not quite over, because the eclipse indicates that domestic responsibilities and routine obligations will govern a turning point related to your future hopes or group associations. As much as you may want to, you won't be able to separate family duties from your public role. And, you'll have a pressing medical issue and/or demanding piece of work that will need to be completed before you can move forward. However, the expansive energy of Jupiter/Sagittarius indicates that personal goals/satisfaction are achievable if you attend to what needs doing.


Mercury direct (your ruler) solidifies an idea, triggers a final conversation or delivers a firm message. There's no going back after this one. If you have something to say, use this intense energy to get your point across, but make sure you're on board with every word. What you put out will be around for a long time to come. The eclipse can open a major new career window, or shut down an opportunity. Deciding factors will be based on past discussions, how much weight your words carry, and your dedication to personal ambitions. How seriously have you been taking your goals? Don't allow pessimism, all or nothing thinking or tunnel vision to blind you to what's out there. Even if one opportunity doesn't materialize, know that the Jupiter/Sagittarius vibe indicates that there's still plenty to work with.


Mercury direct can end delays regarding financial or emotional security. You can move ahead with a plan to boost your finances, or lay out your deepest needs to a partner. If you want others to take your personal values seriously, you must honour your needs. This theme will be carried forward to the eclipse, as deciding factors (involving a new opportunity, long distance travel, relocation, education or legal matters) are defined by your dedication to yourself. Financial limits, domestic changes and an increasing realization of your deepest desires can fine tune the focus so there's really only one option. If something/someone seems out of reach, know that Jupiter/Sagittarius promises more to come if you stretch your ideas of what's possible. Are you sure there's not another way? Rather than allowing current realities to shut you down, use them to re-define your goals.


Mercury direct in your sign can push you through a roadblock, end a delay, clarify information or bring you to a decisive end point. There's no looking back now, and this will be emphasized by the eclipse. Shared finances (taxes, debts, loans or your partner's finances) may be finalized, or issues with intimacy/boundaries can trigger an ending or a step deeper. Events will be governed by the added responsibilities that Saturn has brought to your sign, plus intense discussions/arguments/verbal power struggles.  While you will have some say in the outcome, know that certain results will be beyond your control.  Keep this in mind if you find yourself relentlessly pushing for what you want.  Jupiter/Sagittarius indicates that you can still gain significant personal/financial ground if you allow others to help you, or have some input.


Mercury direct can push you towards a realization/decision that you weren't fully aware of. Secrets and buried impulses will come to the surface now, but you should feel relief as you let go/accept reality. The eclipse puts the focus on relationships, as an ending/new chapter is decided by what Mercury direct has stirred up, plus your dedication to your personal security. You'll no longer be content with casual associations or unclear commitments; it's all or nothing time, and you'll be ready for a partnership that reflects the increased energy you've been pouring into your needs. If others accuse you of being demanding, tell them they're correct. And that's a good thing.


Mercury direct helps you make a decision/have your say regarding friends, group associations or public developments. A relationship may be teetering on the brink, and you'll know which way to push it. The eclipse can impact your daily routine, work or health choices, and relationship decisions will tie into this. What's good for you versus what you need to do for others will be key. Remember that powerhouse Mars/Pluto in your sign will also be influencing the outcome, so use your emerging determination and  ambition to pull away from what used to be.  The energy of Jupiter/Sagittarius suggests that the key to redefining your life lies in the mundane details. A change in routine or attention to a medical issue will have significant ripple effects.


Mercury direct can push you towards a career decision/crucial meeting/realization. If you're on the right path, delays will be lifted. If you've wandered off the path, you'll receive a course correction. The eclipse carries the theme of authentic future goals into your creative and/or romantic life. This could mark an ending or turning point (towards deeper commitment) in a new romance. Alternatively, it could be now or never for a creative project/goal. Choices will be decided by your commitment to what you honestly want, and emerging realizations involving what you haven't acknowledged (until now). The theme is honouring your deepest sources of personal power. Are others on board?The Jupiter/Sagittarius influence indicates that this could be a positive turning point regarding public versus private interactions.


Mercury direct can end delays regarding long distance travel and opportunities, education and legal matters. It's time to step forward and dive in. The eclipse can mark a goodbye to the past/family member or a relocation. Where you go from here will be governed by Saturn's narrowed focus on opportunities (what's realistic, what isn't) and your shifting friendships and group associations. If you feel out of your depth with power struggles or external ambitions, keep orienting yourself in the direction that supports your emerging decisiveness. Jupiter/Sagittarius promises some gains regarding status/career/future goals, but you'll have to embrace the end of a personal era.