Horoscopes for November 4th to November 11th




Mercury goes retrograde in Sagittarius on November 6th. Expect the usual delays and changes in communication and planning, but add in Sagittarius' influence of beliefs, ideals and travel. Mercury's retrograde period is not recommended for signing documents or making final decisions (because much can change once it goes direct). But this is an excellent time for reviewing, researching, considering your options and reconnecting with people from the past. Mercury will back into Scorpio on November 14th, and will go direct (in Scorpio) on November 26th.


Mercury retrograde prompts delays or a second look involving education, travel plans or legal matters. Before you can reach further, you'll have to back up. As frustrating as this may be, use the time to confirm or double check. You may also find yourself questioning advice or guidance from mentors/teachers/legal counsel. Now's the time for a second opinion. Alternatively, you may re-connect with a long distance friend or acquaintance.


Mercury's retrograde can throw a hitch in financial plans/discussions involving debts, loans, taxes, inheritances or your partner's finances. Issues may include zooming in from the big picture to the fine details, or questioning the ethics of those involved. If possible, hold off on signing any documents until after Mercury has gone direct; more details may be revealed or the agreement  may change. Alternatively, you could find yourself questioning how intimate you want to become with someone. Now is a good time for exploratory conversations, but save the final decisions for when Mercury goes direct.


As Mercury (your ruler) goes retrograde, all partnerships will be affected. Whether it's romantic or business, ideas may change and what looked promising may become questionable. Use this as a time to evaluate how your beliefs mesh with theirs, or just give yourself a time out. This transit could also mark the reappearance of an ex-lover; use caution, as hidden agendas could be an issue. Avoid buying into their promises (or making any of your own). Wait and see how things look once Mercury goes direct.


Mercury retrograde can see you going back over health, work or routine details. Delays, breakdowns and miscommunications are all possibilities, so give yourself extra room to work with.   Now is when you'll find out if that new project or workload is too much; keep your sense of perspective, but don't be afraid to take a second look at what you've signed up for. You may also be presented with a second opportunity to re-work a routine or re-dedicate yourself to a project. Focus on what's in front of you, rather than worrying about what lies ahead. You won't have to deal with that until Mercury goes direct.


Mercury retrograde could find you reconsidering how far to reach for romance or success. If your personal goals/plans have exceeded what's realistic, you'll be forced to slow down and take another look at what you're aiming for. Delays with a creative project/new romance will be unavoidable, so use this time to consider if what you're aiming for is in line with what you really want. Issues involving unmet or overblown promises may come up; you might have to backtrack if you've been overconfident.


As your ruler goes retrograde, watch for lingering family/past issues to make yet another appearance. You thought you were finally making headway, but you'll have to deal with those same issues/have the same conversation, one more time. But it won't be exactly the same; you now have the benefit of deeper insight. Try a different approach. Alternatively, watch for delays/changes in plans involving relocations, home businesses or rental/mortgage agreements. If possible, hold off on signing documents until Mercury goes direct. If you must sign something, leave yourself room to accommodate more changes once Mercury goes direct.


Mercury retrograde hits your sector of communication and intellect. This means that a major re-think, re-schedule or attitude adjustment is coming up. New plans or ideals may not turn out exactly the way you'd hoped, as delays and miscommunications spring up. What's your next step? Try not to make any final decisions until Mercury goes direct, as you'll find that the facts will shift once again. Use this retrograde period as a chance to pull back and reconnect with your original hope or thought. Alternatively, a friend or sibling who you haven't heard from in awhile may reach out.


Mercury retrograde sees you re-considering a financial or security issue. Do you have what you need? Is this the way to get it? A relationship or job situation may be re-evaluated based on whether or not you feel you're getting what you deserve. Use this time to consider your options, but save the negotiations for when Mercury goes direct. This is not the best time to ask for a raise, or make relationship choices based on what you feel you need more of.


Mercury's retrograde in your sign can put the brakes on future plans, or trigger a crises of confidence. Slow down and allow yourself room for questioning and second guesses; you may arrive at some important realizations. New developments and forward movement is unlikely during this period, as are informed decisions.  It's ok to take a second look at where you're at, but avoid giving up entirely or deciding that it's just not going to work; much will be revealed during this retrograde period and you've only glimpsed the tip of the iceberg. Once Mercury goes direct, you'll have a much clearer idea of what your next step should be.


Mercury retrogrades in your sector of hidden things, so intuition, the unexpected and the overlooked are key. You may get tripped up by what you didn't see coming, and this can include the revelation of secrets (yours or theirs). This is not the time to react to what you discover; you simply don't have the full story yet. Allow events to unfold, and do some digging/behind the scenes enquiries; you'll be amazed at what you uncover.


Friendships and group associations are the arena for this Mercury retrograde. You may find yourself taking a second look at where you fit in with a group, or with people in general. New associations/friendships may cause special concern as issues with right/wrong/morality/ideals come into play. You won't know where you stand until Mercury goes direct, so allow others to reveal their full beliefs and see how they mesh with yours. Alternatively, you could reconnect unexpectedly with an old friend, mentor or teacher.


Mercury retrograde will stall new career developments, ambitions or projects. Something that was just about to get off the ground may now become tangled in miscommunications or mis-matched ideals/hopes. Progress is unlikely until Mercury goes direct, so use this time to review your current job status/public image. Are you on track? Do your words and actions fully support your beliefs? If you find yourself reviewing your current career path, know that this period can present some interesting realizations.