What's Underneath: Mercury Retrogrades From Sagittarius Into Scorpio

If you're planning a trip or have a new project/brave idea in the works, you might have to re-think it.

Mercury goes retrograde (reverses) at 4 degrees Sagittarius on November 6th. Whenever this planet retrogrades, expect delays and reversals with electronics, communication and plans. Throw in the Sagittarius themes of exploration and morality, and you'll see delays with long distance travel, education, legal matters and big ideas. You'll have to backtrack in any areas where you've pushed beyond your known boundaries.

This will be the time to review. Are your plans in order? Can you deliver on what you've been promising? Can someone else? Sagittarius is the sign of new worlds, so use this opportunity to ensure that travel plans/new projects/new philosophies are air tight. Look at it as a test run. You want to make sure that you've attended to all the details before you set out on the next leg of your journey, right?

On November 14th, Mercury will retrograde back into Scorpio. Sagittarius is about expansion, Scorpio is about pulling back.  Sagittarius is about belief, Scorpio is about the truth. Do you know the difference? You may feel this shift as an intense re-evaluation. This will be the time when you'll be compelled to look underneath your ideas, or underneath someone else's promises. Why are you doing this again? What's the real reason? If there's hidden flaws, secrets or questionable dynamics behind what you're hearing or communicating, it will be revealed between November 14th and December 10th (while Mercury is in Scorpio).

This will be excellent if you need to investigate, research or determine motivations.

Mercury will go direct on November 26th, at 18 degrees Scorpio. Those with planets between 4 degrees Sagittarius and 18 degrees Scorpio will be hit most strongly by Mercury's retrograde.