Horoscopes for December 16th to December 23rd


Venus in expansive Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces (December 16th) and trines Uranus in Aries (December 19th). This mix of inflated expectations (square to Neptune) and exciting breakthroughs (trine to Uranus) suggests that opportunities will not be black and white. There's definite potential to embrace something new, but success can be derailed with unrealistic hopes and overindulgence. As difficult as it may be, try to restrain yourself a bit, and you'll get the full benefit of these influences. December 21st marks the Winter Solstice, and the Sun's entrance into Capricorn. The Sun will be applying to Uranus in Aries with a jarring square (exact on December 25th) so there will be tension between what's established and what's new. Some holiday traditions will be altered (perhaps unexpectedly). Some of you may find that existing rules and responsibilities feel especially burdensome this year.


Venus in your opportunities sector can convince you to reach further and expect more. Taking a risk may seem like the next step, as you feel even more courageous than usual. Just keep in mind that your highest expectations will be driven by unacknowledged/ impulses and dreams.  It will be easy to shoot too far and end up disappointed if you're not aware of what you were really hoping for. Long distance romance, travel, education and legal matters are areas where you might miscalculate. The Sun's entrance into your career sector can trigger your awareness of the gap between what you want to change, and existing limits. As it pushes against Uranus in your sign, consider how your future goals might be adjusted.


As Venus (your ruler) is activated in your sector of shared resources, you may find yourself plunging into a new relationship much faster than anticipated. Intimacy can be overwhelming and exciting, but as you allow someone to get close, make sure they have the same intentions as you. Alternatively, be cautious with all financial investments, taxes, debts, loans or your partner's finances. Overspending out of generosity will be too easy, especially if you're trying to make a public statement/impress others.  The Sun's entrance into your opportunities sector can up your concern about taking the next step forward in a legal matter, education, publishing or long distance affair. You want to go further, but may find yourself surprisingly frustrated with existing limits. Use this opportunity to adjust your course, or even re-consider your entire plan; are you pursuing what you really want?


Business and romantic partnerships can be confusing. The lines between personal/ professional, public/private, friends/lovers may get blurry.  Misunderstandings are likely, so make sure your expectations are crystal clear. Public reputation can take a hit, so avoid airing your personal feelings. With established partnerships, it may be difficult to prevent work issues from leaking into your love life; take a step back to gain perspective. The Sun's entrance into your sector of shared resources can make you aware of how much influence externals have on your most private issues. Whether it's financial or emotional matters, you may be challenged to initiate changes you're not ready for. Even if it's ahead of schedule, consider if your current plan can use some alterations.


Venus may push you to do more for others, allow more from others, and give more to others. It may seem like a great way to get noticed and further your goals at the same time, but make sure that you don't overdo it. What you give can make a positive difference, but only if your understanding of the outcome is in line with reality. You may get some acknowledgement (even some praise) but you won't be going into areas that you haven't already explored. Work with what you've got. The Sun's entrance into your partnership sector can trigger some tension between your personal and professional ambitions. Yes, you're ambitious in both areas, and both are being transformed. Keep that in mind; even if the changes aren't obvious, you're moving ahead.


Venus is boosting your expectations for romance, recognition and success. What's new or out of reach seems like a real possibility now, and you should go after it. But make sure your intentions (and resources, if this involves spending money) are solid. Compulsive attachments, spending or neediness can hi-jack the most promising developments. Explore, but don't invest anything long term just yet. The Sun's entrance into Capricorn can make you very impatient with existing limits and duties. Work/health obligations can be frustrating, but you need to solidify your foundation before you can move forward. Don't brush off what needs to be done.


Venus in your sector of home and family can suggest that this year might be time to do the holidays a bit differently. Starting fresh, changing traditions and breaking old habits are all favoured. But miscommunications/mismatched expectations with your partner are a risk, so make sure they want what you want. Some disappointment is likely; there's no way you can make everyone happy. But compromise is also likely, just make sure you don't sacrifice everything you wanted to do. The Sun's move into your sector of creativity and celebrations keeps the pressure on for you to move forward with that personal goal. Have you let it slide? There will be a sharp reminder (financial or emotional) that you need to stay on course.


Venus (your ruler) can trigger romantic discussions and plans that promise much but don't deliver. Do some fact checking before you take a partner (or potential partner) at their word. The same applies to you; make sure that what you say in a burst of excitement is something that you can actually follow up on. This includes sacrificing your personal desires out of a sense of "duty". Don't say "It's ok", when it's really not. The Sun triggers a conflict between home/family duties and romantic desires. As much as you may want to cut loose, something/someone at home is demanding your time and attention.  This will make you aware of how you need to keep pulling away from old habits/associations/rules. Do what needs to be done, but remember that you're not going backwards.


Venus promises much on the financial or emotional front. There's definitely some juice to this, but you need to make sure that your fantasies of "ultimate" success/recognition/ or your hopes for a "dream lover" don't undermine this potential. It could be fun, but it may not be long term. Before you spend big (financially or emotionally), plant one foot firmly on the ground. For those of you in the middle of Christmas shopping, take a step back from sacrificing all your savings in a fit of enthusiasm. Yes, that gift is inspired, but can you really afford it? The Sun moves into your communications sector, stirring up tension with co-workers or those who you are helping/working for. Your thoughts/words may clash with your duties, but it's up to you to find a workable solution. Before you hammer your point home, consider if you can accommodate a different viewpoint. Alternatively, it may be time for you to deliver a sharp, verbal correction to someone else.


Venus in your sign has you moving forward to embrace an exciting new romance, flirtation, goal or personal success. Your potential for a desired breakthrough is high and you can probably feel this. Keep at it, but watch out for old habits, addictions (emotional or otherwise) or unhealthy desires; they will sabotage your success. It will be tempting to slide back into old patterns (especially if they are based on family relations).  The Sun's entrance into your security sector can see you concerned with a tighter than usual holiday budget. Festivities may have to be adjusted to match the realities of your personal resources.


Venus in your sector of hidden things can keep a secret wish, desire or potential on the boil. Alternatively, something (or someone) that you've been ignoring could suddenly grab your attention (and your imagination). But is this real, or just a product of wishful thinking? Actually, it's a bit of both. There is potential here, and it's part of you detaching yourself from old rules/family scripts. But all the facts have not yet been revealed. Wait, watch, and allow things to develop. The Sun in your sign can make you aware of tensions at home; things are changing, and family rules are being blown away. It's part of an ongoing process, so don't fight it. Now is not the time to try and preserve holiday traditions, but you can certainly experiment with some new ones.


Your social life hasn't been this lively for a while. Venus keeps you hopping from one party/gathering/meeting to the next, and it's all good times and stimulating conversations.  But you may also feel overwhelmed and uneasy. If you start to suspect that there's more going on underneath the surface, know that it's you, not them. Your security/self-esteem issues are being triggered, and your suspicions are coming from an instinctive place. Everything's shifting on an internal level, so your best course of action will be to withdraw when you need to.  Don't hesitate to pull back; others will be understanding. The Sun's entrance into your sector of secrets can trigger some abrupt  comments/thoughts/responses. Whether the unexpected comes from you or someone else, know that the root issue is not what it appears to be.


Venus in your career sector is showing you a promising new job, position or opportunity for increased recognition. A pay increase is a strong possibility as well, but before you say "Yes", make sure you understand the full responsibilities. Venus' square to Neptune in your sign suggests disappointment or over-promising. This is a genuine opportunity, but you need to make sure your expectations/capabilities match what's actually being offered. The Sun's entrance into your sector of friends and groups can stir up tension between what's socially correct/acceptable/traditional and what you actually want. You're changing, but are others able to keep up?