Horoscopes For December 23rd to December 30th


Mars moves into rule-breaker Aquarius on December 25th, ensuring that Christmas Day will feature a touch of the unexpected. Aquarius is the sign of liberation, groups, friendship and ideals. This is the perfect time to make room in your holiday traditions for someone new, or to drop outdated expectations and "must haves". The Full Moon (in Cancer on December 28th) opposes the Sun in close proximity to controlling Pluto in Capricorn. Needs will be intensified, and situations involving obsessions/security will reach a turning point. Cancer/Capricorn are the signs of family and tradition, so expect these issues to factor in strongly. Some may get that deeply desired commitment/goal that they've been yearning for, while others will have to let go. Keep in mind that a Full Moon is based on energy that's been building, so the outcome should not be a surprise.

No matter what happens, remember that the New Year is just around the corner. There's abundant opportunities coming up for change and fulfillment. I'd like to wish everyone a holiday season filled with light, love and compassion.


As Mars (your ruler) enters your sector of friends and groups, you'll be ready to circulate. Group relations will be especially important, so keep in mind that it's not all about you. It will be easy to get carried away with celebrations and feel like taking a risk or two. Keep the consequences in mind. The Full Moon can see you pulled between domestic needs and public ambitions. You'll want to achieve more, but a situation at home will demand your full emotional energy. It may be time to choose between status and emotional fulfillment, or the needs of someone close to you versus your future plans.


Mars in your career sector can trigger restless ambition and the desire to shake things up. If you're feeling limited, this influence could see you agitating for more exciting opportunities. Use this energy to come up with fresh ways to make yourself visible, but beware of stirring the pot just to get a reaction. Unfocused changes will not help you. The Full Moon can provoke an emotional response to opportunities/ambitions involving long distance travel, education or legal matters. Your desire to spread your wings or explore new horizons can hit a turning point; something new could be exactly what you were planning on, or it may be just too much for you to handle right now.


Mars in your opportunities sector can make you restless for change and new horizons. Suddenly, what's in front of you is flat and uninteresting. By all means, check out some opportunities; book a vacation, enrol in some courses, shake up your routine. You'll be in the mood to spice it up, and you never know what's waiting out there. The Full Moon can feel emotionally or financially demanding. You may find yourself against the wall as demands that are beyond your control push your security buttons. Take a breath and remind yourself of the deepening reservoirs of strength you've been uncovering over the past year. Then, step up and meet those demands.


Mars in your sector of shared resources can bring financial issues to a boil. Debts, loans, taxes or your partner's finances can be hot button issues. Rather than getting embroiled in an argument, step back and think of some alternatives. You've got inspiration where you least expect it. Alternatively, intimacy issues can become pressing as emotions and demands become overwhelming. Detach as much as you can and lighten the atmosphere by doing something unexpected and totally unrelated to your current worries. The Full Moon can bring a fixation or control issue with someone else to the breaking point. You know that you can't control others, so don't even try. Letting go can be a tremendous relief, and allow you to move into the New Year with a feeling of lightness.


Mars brings the heat to your relationship sector, stirring up passion, arguments and initiative. Relationship changes may accelerate as restlessness (yours or your partner's) pushes things to the brink. Give others their freedom, even as you demand your own. The Full Moon can bring hidden emotions to the surface in response to duties, obligations, and ongoing changes to your work or health. As you're confronted with certain tasks, be aware that responses may come out of left field. Resentments, subconscious impulses and secrets may all factor in. Take care of the practical responsibilities, because no matter how stormy the emotions, there is something that can no longer be put off.


Mars in your work and health sector keeps you busy. You're no stranger to obligations, so even as the pressure mounts and you find yourself juggling the unknown, you'll be equipped to handle it all. Don't panic if there are deviations from your routine; the unexpected will happen, so stay flexible. Take care of what you can, and let the rest sort itself out. The Full Moon can push you to the brink regarding a personal goal, romantic obsession or desire for success. You'll see, very clearly, if you're able to go after what you want or if it's not for you. No matter what happens, remind yourself that your definition of personal fulfillment is becoming more authentic. All goals should empower you.


Mars livens up your sector of romance and celebrations. Whether it's a new flirtation, holiday party or creative goal, you'll be feeling unusually bold and ready to go after what you want. Use this surge of confidence and see where it takes you. The Full Moon can bring your need for career success, recognition or status to a turning point. If your current job or path in life is not keeping pace with your inner transformation, you'll feel it strongly now. Alternatively, home/family power struggles can apply extra pressure; now is the time to draw your boundaries. Remember, you are slowly but surely moving away from past definitions (some that have been in place since childhood).


Mars in your sector of home and family suggests that the holidays may not be calm. Relocations, unexpected visitors, family disagreements or minor breakdowns/disruptions around the home are all possibilities. Keep an open mind to whatever or whoever comes through the door. Some of you may decide to break with tradition completely this year and do things your own way. The Full Moon can present finalizations involving a trip, course, legal matter or long distance opportunity. You'll be ready for the next step, no matter where it takes you.


Mars in your communications sector can trigger unexpected conversations or messages. The theme will be surprising honesty, so keep this in mind if you demand an answer. On the other hand, the unexpected can be exactly what you were looking for in discussions as someone (including you) changes their mind. The best way to handle this energy is to let go of rigid expectations. "Right or wrong" is not the point. The Full Moon will make it clear if you've reached your limit, or if an emotional issue cannot be pushed any further. Know that any desires to push for what you "need" are coming from outdated security fears. Let it go.


Mars in your security sector can give you an energy/confidence boost as you find courage where you least expected it. A surprising desire can push you forward out of your comfort zone. Alternatively, money can come and go rather quickly as an unexpected bonus or expense hits you. The Full Moon can see the demands of a partner taking precedence. Issues may include neediness or parental role playing. This could be a time of ultimatums, and some relationships may end if needs are not being met. If you're single or partnered, watch out for the obsessive need to control another.


Mars enters your sign, boosting your energy but also making you restless. Quiet holiday get togethers may make you feel trapped, so make sure you have one or two other options (even if that means getting out of the house for a few hours). The Full Moon can trigger a health issue or obligation that catches you off guard. You may want to withdraw/be on your own, but circumstances could demand that you step up, instead. Don't allow someone else to guilt you into giving more than is necessary.


As Mars enters your sector of secrets, you may find yourself pulling back or feeling less social. An energy dip is a sign that you need time alone, so try to carve out space for yourself. The Full Moon can see a personal goal or new romance take precedence over everything else. What you need for your fulfillment can feel especially intense now; don't allow others to dictate what you "should" be pursuing. Alternatively, if an intense need hits a wall and something (or someone) is not on board, you'll know it immediately.