Horoscopes for December 2nd to December 9th


The Sun in expansive Sagittarius opposes Jupiter (the ruler of Sagittarius) on December 2nd. Jupiter is in Gemini, the sign of multiples. This triggering influence adds up to more of everything. Ideas, conversations, tasks and choices will increase. There's a ton of potential here, but there's also the risk of overdoing it. Everyone can reap the benefits as long as they don't lose track of their priorities. On December 7th, Mercury makes its final pass over the transiting North Node in Scorpio. This influence started on October 25th (but due to Mercury's previous retrograde we're seeing a repeat). The transiting North Node is about opportunities to step out of your comfort zone, into something more closely aligned with your deepest needs. It's an open door, but no one will push you through it.


The Sun's opposition to Jupiter triggers opportunities in communicating, learning and getting your ideas out there. Consider what new concepts have been brewing; now you have a chance to reach a larger audience with your words or move into uncharted territory. Mercury's pass over the transiting North Node places the final punctuation mark on discussions (that began around October 25th) involving shared emotional or material resources. The level of your discomfort will be in direct proportion to the amount of control someone else has. Think about what you need to release to the other person.


Jupiter has been transiting your sector of personal resources for a few months, and its opposition to the Sun can open up substantial abundance. Negotiations for a pay increase could show progress or your financial picture could see an overall boost. Intimacy and trust with a special someone can also increase significantly. All improvements will be linked to your awareness of what someone else has to offer. Ethics and big promises will play a role; note the difference between faith and ignoring pertinent information. Mercury's activation of the transiting North Node can open a new door as a conversation/introduction takes you deeper than you're accustomed to.  A romantic or business partnership can make you question how ready you are to step into the deep end. This could be the result of a simmering issue (since October 25th), or a conversation that finally comes out into the open.


Jupiter in your sign is hit by an opposition from the Sun, and the focus is on your future plans versus someone else's expectations. A partner may support your hopes enthusiastically, but pay attention to what they've got going on. It may take a bit of back and forth, but there's no reason why the two of you can't meet in the middle and move forward together. Mercury's transit of the North Node finalizes work or health issues, and it's time to decide if you're going to step up. Obligations and things that need fixing/improving are the theme, and you're aware that you've been on the hook for awhile (since October 25th). Although saying "Yes" may involve a significant commitment of time and energy, it's one of those things that need to be done. Having said that, you always have a choice to bow out.


Hidden potentials, private possibilities and secret hopes will be in the spotlight with the Sun's opposition to Jupiter. There's an idea you've been tossing around for awhile and you know it has serious potential. So what are you waiting for? This influence will show you some practical ways to bring it into the real world. If some of what happens has a flavour of "this is what you must do", know that sometimes you need an extra prod to get moving on your dreams. Speaking of dreams, Mercury's transit of the North Node pushes you one step closer to manifesting that creative potential/project/deeply desired goal. Yes, it will involve you putting yourself out there. Watch for a repeat invitation or chance (that may have begun around October 25th). It feels risky because you want it so much. But it feels good (and authentic) to dive into something you truly desire.


Your ambitions will soar, and opportunities will come up to match them. Creative projects, new romance and personal goals will all take on a very public energy as the Sun opposes Jupiter in your sector of friends and groups. This is the moment to make your mark and command attention; there is an audience for you. Mercury's final pass over the transiting North Node can help you close the books on an addiction or family situation. Your ability to move forward will be directly connected to your willingness to confront past issues; how deep are you ready to go? A conversation or email could trigger buried issues that you've been trying to avoid.


The Sun/Jupiter opposition can push you forward as your ambitions/career goals/desire for status and respect become public. Yes, it's time to step forward and push for some recognition. It may feel like too much/too soon, or you may doubt your capabilities, but know that the time is ripe move up the ladder, apply for that job, or impress those in authority. How fitting that Mercury (your ruler) makes its final pass over the transiting North Node in your communications sector. This one is all about giving your words/opinions power.  You've been wrestling with the issue of putting it out there since October 25th, and now is the time to just say it.


The Sun/Jupiter opposition can push you to accept an offer or move forward into unknown territory. If you've been considering various options in the areas of long distance travel, education, legal matters or publishing, one might look particularly good. Allow yourself to consider what's most unlikely/most surprising. Mercury's move over the transiting North Node puts you on alert that it's time to get serious about what you deserve (financially and/or emotionally). Security issues/deep needs or desires that you've been considering since October 25th will now hinge on a final conversation or decision.  If the next step feels too intense, consider it as an investment in yourself.


The Sun/Jupiter opposition can trigger financial opportunities/confidence, but it can also push you deeper into debt. You'll feel like investing/spending the whole thing, and it may very well be worth it. But make sure you're aware of every, single detail. Is there any fine print you've overlooked? In matters of intimacy/sharing, you'll be feeling especially generous and optimistic. But watch that you don't expect more than the other person is able to give. Mercury's move over the transiting North Node (in your sign) gives you the final go ahead on something that's been brewing since October 25th. It may involve an internal confrontation, a partnership or control issue, and it will definitely ask for a bit more than you're used to giving (or giving up).


The Sun in your sign opposes Jupiter, triggering expansive relationship discussions/meetings/opportunities. Is it time to move things to the next level? You'll be feeling quite positive and ready to take a leap of faith. It's all good, just remember that this influence can lead to some hyper-idealized thoughts. Even as you move forward, keep  your perspective. Mercury's move over the transiting North Node can suggest that it's time to make a move regarding a secret, hidden potential or unfamiliar situation. You've been considering this since October 25th, and it may make you uneasy. It will involve moving deeper into those areas that don't have the full light of (what you consider) "reality". Maybe it's time you started to question your personal reality.


The Sun/Jupiter opposition can crank up the busy work, as multiple projects/duties/solutions and ideas all seem to come out of nowhere. The truth is they've been percolating on the back burner for awhile. You'll feel excited and inspired, ready to take on your stuff and someone else's. The key to handling this influence is to avoid  spreading yourself too thin. Pick one or two of the most promising or pressing issues, and concentrate on those. Mercury's final activation of the transiting North Node brings you to the threshold of a new social situation. You've been considering issues involving a group or one particular person since October 25th, and now you'll be asked to get involved on a deeper level. This can feel threatening or overwhelming, but it can also lead to a connection that's more satisfying.


The Sun/Jupiter opposition triggers your creative drive and personal goals. Someone may push you to deliver more, but you'll be up to the task. New romance can be unexpected and a bit overwhelming, especially since you may have more than one offer. The theme is expanding what you believe is possible in the areas of personal success, confidence and magnetism. Mercury's move over the transiting North Node writes the final chapter in a major career move/opportunity or idea. Since October 25th, you've been dealing with a situation that would allow you to express your ambitions more authentically. Now, you've either said "Yes", or you're not ready for the increased responsibility. Know that more responsibility accompanies an increase in your power, status and the amount of professional respect you'll command.


Jupiter in your sector of home and family has been stirring up a lot of overwhelming conversations, situations, ideas and tasks. Some of it's been positive (especially if you have a home business or are dealing with buying/selling real estate), but you'd like a breather. Unfortunately, the Sun's opposition will crank things up a notch and you may feel like you're reaching for the impossible. Allow yourself to roll with events, and remember that this influence is positive. Whatever it brings will benefit you. As if you don't have enough on your plate already, Mercury's activation of the North Node can push you to the finish line regarding a long distance opportunity or unfamiliar situation. Something you've been pondering since October 25th is now ready to become part of your current reality. Even if this is simply a new philosophy/realization that you're being asked to fold into your belief system, know that it will add depth and richness to your life.