Horoscopes for December 30th to January 6th


This week, Mercury is in the spotlight as it moves into structured Capricorn (on December 31st).  The planet of communication, information and thought is regimented in this sign. But a disruptive square from Uranus in Aries (on January 3rd) can shake up plans, ideas and preconceptions. Some revelations may be  unpleasant, but Mercury's union with Pluto on January 6th suggests a deeper understanding of these disruptions. Pluto gives Mercury the power to get to the bottom of  things. But this aspect can also indicate manipulative conversations and obsessive ideas. Choose your words with care, and be selective about what you're focusing on.


Mercury's move into your career sector sees you starting the New Year off with business plans and communications. The square to Uranus in your sign can trigger some jarring information, or a meeting/announcement/email that pushes your buttons. Alternatively, the changes you've been pushing for may rub management/authorities the wrong way. Someone may not be in the mood for your blunt honesty. You'll see the final results when Mercury joins Pluto; those in power may lay down the law or reveal a crucial fact about your current position. This is a "writing on the wall" aspect; use what you discover to plan your next move (up or out of your current job).


Mercury in your opportunities sector gets plans/communications rolling for long distance travel, education, legal matters or publishing. The square to Uranus could have you making some unexpected decisions regarding where you want to go next; new ideas/restlessness may come out of left field, but it's all based in underlying changes that have been developing for the past year or so. Change is good, but make sure what you're pushing for is realistic. By the time Mercury meets with Pluto, you'll know what's doable, and what you should drop. This influence can give new ideas a compulsive feel. Use this energy to power forward into new territory.


Mercury (your ruler) enters your sector of shared resources, shifting your focus to what you share (financially or emotionally) with another. This covers debts, taxes, loans, your partner's finances or discussions/decisions about letting someone get close to you. The square to Uranus could trigger some jarring realizations about spending/sharing/saving; a loan may be due before you expected it, expenses may be greater than anticipated, discussions about intimacy could devolve into arguments. At the root of these occurences is your control being challenged by what you have no control over. As Mercury joins with Pluto, watch that your discussions/plans are not based on the desire to compel someone else. You'll have to accept that certain things fall outside your sphere of influence;  the best use of this energy is to truly listen to what others are telling you.


Partnership discussions (business or romantic) are the theme this week. Mercury's square to Uranus can stir up tension between plans with your partner and career changes. A sudden career development/opportunity might upset an established relationship routine. Your challenging task will be to honour your freedom to make room for career growth, while compromising in your relationship. Mercury's union with Pluto will create some intense power struggles with your partner as you both try to gain the upper hand. Beware of psychological manipulations and words that hit below the belt. Make an effort keep all discussions clean.


Responsibilities are on your mind as Mercury enters your sector of work, health and daily routine. The square to Uranus can make you impatient with what you have to do for others. Alternatively, unexpected developments could disrupt your carefully laid plans. Mercury's meeting with Pluto should help you regain control and power your way through the details. This is the time to focus, organize and recommit yourself to a disciplined work, health or exercise regime.


As Mercury (your ruler) enters your sector of creativity and success, it's an excellent time to make practical plans on manifesting personal (or romantic) goals. What do you want and what's actually within your reach? The square to Uranus can throw an unexpected message, conversation or piece of information your way. It may hit you harder than you think, but don't allow it to derail your plans. If one option is not for you, let go and re-adjust your focus. There's a larger, more authentic goal you should be focusing on, anway.  Use Mercury's conjunction with Pluto to empower yourself, cut out the distractions and negative feedback.


Mercury moves into your sector of home and family, switching the focus to plans/conversations/documents involving relocations, home or family business. The square to Uranus can indicate a conflcit between family and romantic parternship, or your domestic plans versus your partner's. Mercury's meeting with Pluto will mark a definitive choice; you may have to put your foot down or exercise your personal power. Discussions will be at least partially based on family history, old routines/habits or "the way things have always been done". It's time for a change.


Mercury moves into your communications sector, and the square to Uranus can trigger some tense discussions involving work, health or changing routines. You may not like what you hear, but know that the source of the message is based on the larger changes that are transforming (and liberating) your daily life. You can't fall back on old structures. Mercury's meeting with Pluto (your ruler) can see you lowering the hammer (verbally).  Choose your words carefully, because they will have considerable and long lasting impact. Consider the difference between declaring your boundaries and overpowering the "opposition". Is there really any opposition?


Mercury enters your sector of personal and financial security, putting your needs up front. You may have some very set ideas about what's necessary to make you feel "safe", but the square from Uranus will give those ideas a shake. An unexpected romantic development, or the disruption of a personal goal, can have you scrambling for something to hang onto. Before you charge ahead with ultimatums (when Mercury joins with Pluto) consider if the disruption of your original plans has a silver lining. You know that your security needs have been changing anyway; the same old, surface stuff just isn't appropriate anymore.


Mercury enters your sign and gets hit with that disruptive Uranus square. Unexpected developments involving home/family could force your hand or see you making a declaration that you weren't quite ready for. Roll with it, and know that Mercury's meeting with Pluto in your sign will give you the confidence and power that you need to climb back on top. You'll be making the rules, and you'll uncover some hidden resources/solutions just when you need them.


Mercury's entrance into your sector of secrets can urge you to pull back, reconsider or keep your thoughts to yourself. But the square to Uranus can force a revelation/expose a secret when you least expect it. If you're feeling exposed or out of control, Mercury's meeting with Pluto can give you some much needed insight while allowing you to formulate an appropriate response (or not). Follow your gut on this one; you'll know exactly what to say, and what to keep to yourself.


Mercury enters your sector of friends and groups, hi-lighting your plans/conversations/ideals involving others. The square to Uranus can push you towards an abrupt realization about those you associate with. While you may find it upsetting, recognize it as a larger part of your changing foundation; your values are going through a radical transformation. Mercury's union with Pluto can feature intense discussions. What others are saying is just the tip of the iceberg; pay attention to what's going on behind their words.