Horoscopes for December 9th to December 16th


There's an expansive week ahead, full of unexpected opportunities. Mercury moves into Sagittarius on December 10th, hi-lighting new ideas and open minded decisions.  When the planet of information moves into the sign of exploration, it's time to drop preconceived notions and check out the alternatives. On December 13th, The New Moon in Sagittarius opens up exciting possibilities. Uranus in Aries goes direct on the same day, adding uncontrolled energy to the mix. Uranus liberates by shaking up what you're accustomed to, and its forward motion can abruptly accelerate some long-simmering changes. Much of what happens should be positive, although some of you may feel uneasy with the lack of control.


Mercury's move into your sector of opportunities can fire up your optimism and bring exciting messages/introductions/conversations. Documents or information regarding long distance travel, education or legal matters can give you what you're looking for, although it may not be what you originally counted on. The New Moon, combined with Uranus' direct motion in your sign, can push you onto a whole new track or across the starting line. What begins now is full of promise and should not be discounted; give it all your energy and see where it takes you. This would be a fantastic time to book a vacation, take a new course or explore uncharted territory.


Mercury's entrance into your sector of shared resources sees you considering/discussing the give and take between you and another. Whether it's shared finances (debts, taxes, loans, your partner's finances) or emotional intimacy, you'll be exploring ways to make it work for both parties. It could be time to sign some financial documents. The New Moon and Uranus direct can bring forth a realization/event that seems to come out of nowhere. It's actually been brewing for some time, but now you're ready to take full advantage. You might let someone in, take a relationship risk or (if you're single) decide that it's time to trust again.


Whether you're single or partnered up, relationships are the focus. Mercury (your ruler) keeps conversations/ideas flowing; it's prime time to put your cards on the table (in an existing relationship) or put yourself out there (if you're looking). The energy is open and optimistic, so it will be difficult to go wrong. The New Moon and Uranus direct can fire up your social life. Introduce your significant other to friends or get out and mingle if you're on your own. Single Geminis stand a high chance of meeting someone special in a group setting. Watch for chance encounters or coincidences. If you're in a relationship, the increased social energy can invigorate your partnership and keep the connection growing.


Mercury keeps you hopping as work, duties or health matters take precedence. It may seem like there's more to do and less time to do it. Prioritize and focus on one thing at a time, even as others are clamouring for your attention. The New Moon and Uranus direct can drop a new career opportunity/project in your lap. You may not have seen this coming, and it may feel like too much. But it can be quite beneficial, so grab it and move forward. Others are watching to see how you respond to challenge and change.


Mercury brings flirtatious conversations, renewed confidence and creative ideas. Your thoughts may turn to your personal success and recognition, or you may just feel like being more playful with others. Either way, it's a lighthearted, pleasurable vibe. The New Moon, along with Uranus' forward movement, can ignite an unexpected romance or put you in the mood to party. Opportunities for recognition can come your way as well; pay attention to plans involving long distance travel, education, legal matters or publishing that have been in the works for a while. Something/someone that you thought was out of reach may now appear right in front of you.


Home is where the action is as Mercury (your ruler) sees you discussing issues around family, home businesses or home entertaining. You'll be focused on those closest to you, or what you've got happening in your immediate environment. The New Moon and Uranus can present a liberating breakthrough regarding old issues/habits. You may not be able to re-write the past, but these energies will certainly help you break free and put a positive spin on things. Alternatively, look for good news involving a relocation, mortgage or major renovation; unexpected financial developments could put you on the right track.


Mercury enters your communications sector, bringing fresh, hopeful messages or uplifting conversations. It's time to push past what you know (or have learned) because there are other possibilities out there. Speak up and see what happens. The New Moon and Uranus direct can help with a relationship decision or bring a hoped-for message from someone special. Discussions about love, attraction and partnership can be revealing and surprising. The wait is over regarding a special someone, so stay open to any and all possibilities. Those of you looking for a partner online can find this influence especially positive.


Mercury gets you thinking about financial/emotional priorities. You want more but you may also find yourself spending more. Slow down and think carefully; is it what you really need? Note the difference between "need' and "want". The New Moon and Uranus  can trigger a surprising new opportunity to earn more or develop an alternate source of income. Alternatively, unexpected matters involving health, work or duties to others can prove that you actually have much more to give than you thought.


All the action in your sign ensures that the coming week won't be dull. Mercury can help you pull it together with inspired ideas and uplifting words. It could be a case of Sag to the rescue as others look to you for solutions. The New Moon and Uranus can light your fire as a surprising new romance or surge of confidence powers you into the holiday season. Whether it comes from an identifiable source or some unknown reservoir, don't question the growing feeling that everything is working out in your favour.


Mercury stirs up some background issues/ideas. Secrets, unacknowledged information or unexpected inspiration are all possibilities, but it will be difficult to control the outcome. Honour the growing sense of hopefulness, but keep the news to yourself for now; there's more to discover. The New Moon and Uranus can catch you off guard as unexpected home/family developments push your buttons, or push you into a new phase that you're not quite prepared for. As jarring as it may feel, know that this is part of you making a clean break from the past.


Mercury brings new friends, faces, gatherings and an expanded social life.  It will be difficult for you to hide out, and a moment to yourself might seem like a precious commodity. The New Moon and Uranus direct can fire up a serendipitous introduction or meeting; keep your eyes open and allow the flow of events to direct you. Celebrations/expectations can get a bit out of hand, so remind yourself that you don't need to push everything to the absolute limit.


Mercury in your career sector can trigger important discussions and meetings. Now is the time to grab attention with your ideas (or resume). Alternatively, you may find yourself negotiating multiple opportunities or offers. The New Moon and Uranus can be very good for a financial breakthrough (a raise or increase in your fees). What you've been pushing for can suddenly go your way. Business developments, a new job, connection or goal can take off and leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed. This may be a case of "careful what you wish for"; now that it's happening, it may feel like more than you can handle.