A Quiet New Purpose: New Moon in Capricorn

There's a New Moon in Capricorn on January 11th (at 21 degrees). It's joined by Venus, Pluto and Mercury, which sit close by, but are not conjunct. Still, you'll feel the buildup of energy; these planets are activating Saturn ruled Capricorn in your chart, and giving the New Moon more oomph than if it was sitting by itself. How can you use it?

New Moons are great for setting intentions. But it's helpful if the intentions match the energy of the sign. Because we're dealing with Capricorn, this energy is about discipline, ambition, structure and responsibility. It's purposeful and quiet. You'll want to focus on what you can realistically earn. This Moon is for building new structures, increasing authority/respect and setting boundaries.

Look at the area in your chart where the New Moon sits, and consider how this energy can be used most effectively. If it lands in your 10th House of career, it's obvious. But if the New Moon hits someplace like your 12th House, you might be less clear about how to work with it. Just take any 12th House themes that are relevant in your life (subconscious issues, alone time, convalescence, spirituality, secrets, dreams) and consider how a new beginning/routine (that involves responsibility) might work for you. Or maybe it will be appropriate to take what's intangible, and make it tangible. Perhaps you'll need to get real about certain dreams. Apply it in a way that makes sense to your current situation.

If you have planets/angles between 20-21 degrees Capricorn or Cancer, you'll get the full impact of this Moon.