Horoscopes for January 20th to January 27th

  Painting by Jehan Georges Vibert


Mercury in innovative Aquarius forms an expansive trine with Jupiter in Gemini from January 21st to 22nd. New and exciting ideas, conversations and introductions are featured; you can go far with this influence if you allow yourself to imagine the possibilities. However, Mercury will be hit by a restrictive square to Saturn in Scorpio from January 23rd to 25th. Reality check time; some new developments will fail, but this will allow you to focus on the possibilities that will go the furthest. The Full Moon in Leo on January 26th will involve recognition and creative power, but this energy will be compromised by a difficult inconjunct to Chiron (Wounded Healer) in Pisces. Adjustments will need to be made between ego and transcendence of the ego. Many people will experience the sensitivities that appreciation (or lack of it) brings.


Mercury in your sector of friends and groups gets a boost from Jupiter in your communications sector; watch for encouraging conversations/messages/introductions or opportunities to make an impact on the public.  You may be faced with multiple choices regarding where to put your social energy. But the square to Saturn in your sector of shared resources will narrow down those choices, via financial restrictions or your private issues. Not all social outlets are going to work for you, so be prepared to release the ones that seem blocked. There will be plenty of choices left over. The Full Moon can bring issues with children, creativity or personal goals to a head; watch for hidden/unacknowledged sensitivities to muddy the waters. Acknowledge these issues, but don't allow them to throw you off track. If there's something you've been working towards, it will be time to claim your prize.


Mercury in your career sector forms a fruitful connection with Jupiter in your sector of resources; meetings, conversations or innovative ideas about your future role/path can all lead to more (security and/or money) for you. This is also a fantastic time to advertise, send out your resume or raise your professional profile. The square to Saturn in your relationship sector will temporarily slow your momentum as business/romantic partnerships throw up some restrictions to your new ideas. Others may have some sensible observations that can help you focus your ambitions. Listen to what they say, rather than stubbornly shutting them out. The Full Moon in your home and family sector hi-lights domestic issues, relocations and home businesses. Watch for a completion or ending that is impacted by public opinion, or your relationships with friends/associates. You'll need to adjust your social life with your private life, and determine how much of an impact one has on the other.


Mercury (your ruler) in your opportunities sector is activated by Jupiter in your sign. Watch for messages/information (regarding long distance travel, education, legal matters or publishing) that opens a new door or offers an unexpected chance to move onwards and upwards. This is also prime time for you to deliver an important message or grab someone's attention; your words will be very well received.  When the square from Saturn (in your sector of routine) hits, know that this reality check will simply be about trimming the fat. Discard whatever new opportunities don't work with your daily life, but know that what's left should take you far. The Full Moon in your communications sector can present a message/conversation/contact that you've been waiting for, but you may not be totally happy with what you hear. Sensitivities/insecurities involving your career, authority, public image or relationship with your boss may colour the message.


Mercury in your sector of shared resources trines Jupiter in your sector of hidden things, putting the focus on background/intimate news/conversations. Discussions with others may unfold in surprisingly positive ways, leaving you with more than you started with. Signing documents for loans/debts/inheritances may also happen now, and the results should be in your favour. However, the square to Saturn in your sector of children and creativity can throw up some restrictions due to extra obligations. Be realistic about what you can and can't do/afford, and you should be ok. The Full Moon in your security sector brings money/self-esteem issues to a head. Watch for a no-turning-back moment regarding what you need. This will be underlined by certain opportunities that are out of your reach; use any disappointments to adjust your focus and solidify what you have in front of you.


Mercury in your partnership sector gets a sociable hit from Jupiter in your sector of friends and groups. Introductions through others could bring you into contact with a potential romantic/business partner, or boost your existing relationship. Getting out and socializing can benefit single and attached Leos. The square from Saturn in your home and family sector may cause disagreements/hesitations, as you're forced to consider how your past habits/influences impact your present relationships. Take it all in stride and talk it through.  The Full Moon in your sign can provide a turning point/ending, and deep seated anxieties/wounds (regarding intimacy or financial issues)will factor into this. You can't avoid what's been simmering beneath the surface, and you'll be forced to consider the energy/resources that you share with others.


Mercury in your sector of health and routine is connected favourably to Jupiter in your career sector. Work issues/meetings/conversations should proceed in your favour, and you can also use this energy to boost a side business/find solutions to medical issues. The key will be working with others (and considering what they can do for you, or you can do for them). You'll be busy, but be prepared for a temporary speed bump when the square from Saturn in your communications sector hits. Responsibility for your words will be an issue, so be extra cautious about the message you're sending out. Only promise exactly what you can deliver. The Full Moon lights up your sector of secrets, suggesting a surprising revelation/realization. Secrets/hidden potentials will come to light, and they will also involve some hurt feelings/sensitivities in a relationship. Be careful that you don't allow relationship insecurities to colour the entire process; some of what's happening will involve your private dreams and goals.


Mercury in your sector of creativity receives a sparkling hit from Jupiter in your sector of opportunities. This is your time to shine with new ideas, flirtatious conversations and innovation. If you've got something to say/write that's a little outside your comfort zone, you can take the risk now because your chances of success are higher. However, the square from Saturn in your security sector will throw up a reminder (financial or emotional) that responsibilities to yourself come first. So keep an existing budget or focus on your self-sufficiency in mind. The Full Moon hits your sector of friends and groups, signalling a major social shift or ending. Sacrifices or unacknowledged services to others may factor into this; the overall theme will be how much you feel appreciated (or not) by the group.


Mercury in your home and family sector connects with Jupiter in your sector of shared resources, bringing happy news concerning mortgages, home businesses, shared finances or domestic responsibilities. This is an excellent time to have a conversation with your partner about joint domestic goals. But the square from Saturn in your sign suggests that your increased responsibilities/focus/awareness of limits may threaten to shut down the whole process. Some limits can't be avoided, but don't allow control issues to hi-jack things. The Full Moon in your career sector can trigger a job change/ending, or a realization that you need recognition for what you've been doing. Needing validation is legitimate, but make sure you differentiate between what you've earned and what your ego is demanding.


Mercury in your communictions sector connects favourably with Jupiter in your partnership sector, signalling expansive, positive conversations about the future. Relationship plans and ideas will be going full speed ahead, but the square from Saturn in your hidden sector could slow things down as unacknowledged fears threaten to sabotage your progress. The trick will be acknowledging and honouring what you're actually afraid of, rather than responding to your partner without full awareness. The Full Moon in your sector of opportunities signals a culmination involving long distance travel, relocation, education, legal matters or publishing.  There's something big on the horizon, but you'll need to deal with old wounds based on family history or past addictions, first. Don't bury the past; confront it so you can move forward.


Mercury in your sector of security trines Jupiter in your sector of daily health and routine, suggesting that solutions and improvements to your immediate environment are within reach. A financial boost or emotional improvement can easily be achieved by slightly stretching your concept of what's possible. The square to Saturn in your sector of friends and groups may put a damper on some of your innovations when someone says "no", but that's ok. You've got more tricks up your sleeve, and now you know who's able to help you, and who's not. The Full Moon in your sector of shared resources brings financial or intimacy issues to completion. You may decide to deepen a relationship, or back away from it. Alternatively, a financial goal may be reached (and so might a realization that you need to pay off some debts). These events will involve a conversation/message that hurts you, or triggers a sore spot. Before you react, consider the source of the message, and how your existing insecurities play into this.


Mercury in your sign is given an optimistic boost from Jupiter in your sector of creativity, romance and personal goals. This is an excellent influence for first dates, light hearted flirting, or expressing your creative ideas. Turn on the charm and watch what happens. When the square from Saturn in your career sector hits, keep in mind that your reputation/professional responsibilities will also factor into what you say or hear. The Full Moon in your partnership sector can signal a relationship ending or move to the next level. Insecurities about your self-worth/personal resources will also be a theme; consider how what you're lacking is driving your relationship goals. Your partner may not be giving you what you need, but make sure they're actually aware of what your needs are.


Mercury in your sector of secrets trines Jupiter in your home and family sector, suggesting inspired ideas and surprising information that comes from someone close to you. This is also an excellent time to have discussions about family issues, home businesses, mortgages and rental agreements, because you'll come up with the perfect words/ideas (when you least expect it). The square from Saturn in your opportunities sector will present limits on how far you can go, but consider it steady progress rather than a full stop. This is not about unchecked growth, it's about establishing something that lasts. The Full Moon in your sector of work and routine can bring you to a turning point regarding co-worker relationships, a health matter or self-maintenance. Personal sensitivities will push you to make improvements, or let go of a situation that you find intolerable.