People Who Don't See Your Flame

On the eve of the Full Moon in Leo (tonight at 11:38 PM EST) I had a conversation about people who erode your sense of fabulousness. They don't appreciate you. And you feel this, every time you talk to them. If you love them, it really hurts. They may not be conscious of what they're doing; some people just don't resonate with your flame. They look at you, without a trace of nastiness, and think "That's it?" They do not see you. These are the ones that hurt the most. 

That's one of this Moon's themes. Remember, it features a painful inconjunct to Chiron (the wound that never heals) in Pisces. Full Moons are about endings, so this Moon seems tailor made to address this issue; setting your intention to pull back from people who don't appreciate you. This doesn't have to be extreme. It could be as simple as  limiting the amount of time you talk with them.

Leo is about more than just fab hair; it's about the feedback you get from others, the applause and the hugs and the warm words that make you glow. Because it's great to be self-sufficient and know that you're all that. But sometimes it's nice to have someone else confirm it. Life is too short to give your energy to those who steal your glow.