Speed Bump: Transiting Mars in Aquarius Trine Jupiter and Square Saturn

Mars in Aquarius has been shaking things up, breaking some rules and looking to start something new. Currently, it's trining Jupiter in Gemini (exact on January 4th at 7 degrees). Jupiter expands, so it's giving Mars an extra push. The possibilities feel limitless.

The houses in your chart with Aquarius and Gemini are where you can successfully initiate something new. These are Air signs, so it all starts in the mind. This is fantastic energy for the New Year, because there's an ability to be innovative, but not get too crazy (a trine is a calm influence). So between now and January 4th, get started on something!

But (there's always a but), be aware that Mars is also squaring Saturn in Scorpio (exact on  January 7th, at 10 degrees). The area of your chart where Scorpio is transiting might throw some static. This will be a stumbling block, but it won't be the end of the world. If Mars trine Jupiter has you fired up over some ideal, you'll have to prove that it's real (or that you're committed).  You'll have to push past opposition (maybe from authorities, maybe from your own fears) but you can do it. Mars square Saturn always demands extra effort. And if your efforts don't go exactly as planned, that's ok. Saturn trims the fat; you'll be left with whatever works best for you.

These influences are a mix of "Yes" (Jupiter) and "No" (Saturn). Somewhere in the middle is where you'll find success.

If you have planets/angles between 5-10 degrees Aquarius, Gemini or Scorpio, you'll feel these influences most strongly.