Freedom Moon: The New Moon in Aquarius

This month's New Moon is on February 10th, at 21 degrees Aquarius.

New Moon are about fresh starts, and what better sign for this to happen in than Aquarius. This Uranus ruled sign is about breaking free, detaching, doing your own thing and following your ideals. It's about putting your stamp on things, no matter what other people say.

Aquarius in your chart is where you'll have the opportunity to start fresh. Not only that, you'll be starting things your way. This is crucial; do what works for you. Aquarius is also about the future. So if you're stuck, trying to detach from past habits/relationships, this could be the breath of fresh air that carries you forward.

One note of caution (sorry, had to mention this); Mars at 6 degrees Pisces will be forming an overenthusiastic square with Jupiter in Gemini (on the same day). Deceptive/addictive actions (Mars in Pisces) can easily go too far (Jupiter). So make sure that what you're starting is rational, clear headed and truthful (all Aquarian attributes, btw). You want to lift yourself up, not spin out of control.

If you have planets/angles from 20-22 degrees Aquarius or Leo, you'll feel this Moon most strongly. 20-22 degrees Libra and Gemini will also get a nice boost.