Full Moon In Virgo: Hyper Improved

There's a Full Moon at 7 degrees Virgo on February 25th, and it will be tense.  Jupiter in Gemini will be squaring this Moon exactly, and Jupiter always means "more".

Full Moons are intense anyway, because they're about culmination. Picture a buildup of energy that peaks in Virgo, the sign of perfection, details and getting it right. Now, imagine that energy pushed to its frenetic limits by Jupiter. This is FIX IT, times one thousand.

The mood will be high-strung. It will be tempting to go overboard with the worrying, the extreme purifying, the fixating on one, tiny detail. Gemini and Virgo are both ruled by Mercury (communication, information and intellect) so much of the action could involve conversations/emails. Or, it all might happen in your head.

Adding interest to the mix, Mercury will have gone retrograde (in Pisces) on February 23rd. I'll write a post on this, but for now, know that this energy (combined with the Full Moon) will be about re-considering, correcting and going back to what was missed or put off.

How To Drive Everyone (Including Yourself) Crazy During This Full Moon:

  • Hammer away at one phrase that your boss/lover/friend/family. member/neighbourhood barista said 3 weeks ago. Confront them. What did they  mean by that? 
  • Hammer away at yourself for a mistake/personal failing/missed deadline/weight gain. Go overboard attempting to correct things and apologize incessantly.
  • Make a tense relationship even more tense by harping on what's wrong.

How To Tap Into The Healthiest Potential Of This Full Moon

  • Remind yourself that perfection is an illusion.
  • Tackle the disorganized mess/unpleasant task/duty that you've been putting off.
  • Help someone (but only if they want you to).
  • Push forward where you've been telling yourself that you're not good enough or not ready.

Jupiter is the planet of optimism, and this energy can (if used correctly) empower you. But a square from Jupiter can distort perspective, so you'll have to differentiate between improvement and obsession. Ask yourself if what you're doing is making things easier, or more complicated. Your ultimate goal, on this Virgo Moon, is to simplify. 

If you have planets/angles between 6-9 degrees Virgo, Pisces, Gemini or Sagittarius, you'll feel these energies most strongly.