Horoscopes for February 24th to March 3rd


This is a week of dual potentials. Venus moves into dreamy Pisces on February 25th, and connects with Neptune from the 25th to the 28th. There will be beautiful dreams and confusing illusions, so it will be in your best interests to move cautiously during these few days. Love, money and personal values can all be impacted. There may be moments of grace and/or moments of sacrifice as Neptune blurs Venus' boundaries. If you open up, make sure you're absolutely certain about what you're giving away. The Full Moon in Virgo also hits on the 25th, and it will be agitated by a square from Jupiter in Gemini. Jupiter's influence expands and brings opportunity, but it can also inflame existing issues. The Virgo drive for detail and correction will be on, full force. Best advice with this Moon is to avoid overreacting, overreaching or overcompensating.


Venus' move into your sector of hidden things can suggest the ultimate romance or a major emotional sacrifice. Be careful about what you reveal, give away or give up. Alternatively, you may feel like keeping an attraction or crush to yourself for now. Creative/idealistic potentials can be inspiring, but before you chase after the dream, see what the Full Moon in your house of work and routine brings. An ending or culmination in the real world (involving health, exercise, co-workers or duties) can bring more than you bargained for. The square from Jupiter (in your communications sector) suggests that it will be easy to jump to conclusions or be overwhelmed by a rush of paperwork/information. On the plus side, a solution or surprising (positive) conclusion to a health issue or work problem can present itself.


Venus (your ruler) and Neptune's union in your sector of friends and groups can fire up an idealistic attraction or flirtation; proceed carefully as the boundaries between friendship and romance will be unclear. You'll certainly attract favourable attention, but much of the energy that comes your way will be the result of other's projections and fantasies (you may do a bit of projecting yourself). However, this is a favourable influence if you're in entertainment or the arts, and you need to promote yourself (you'll be able to weave some powerful magic). The Full Moon hits your sector of creativity and celebrations, putting a positive end note on a creative project or personal goal. The square from Jupiter in your resources sector suggests putting yourself out there can bring you abundance (material and emotional), but be wary of overinflated expectations; you'll get positive results, but they may fall short of your ultimate goal.


Venus and Neptune combine in your career sector, inspiring you and opening your eyes to what could be. Consider new opportunities, but don't bank on them until after this influence; much of what is promised may be an illusion. Alternatively, be very cautious about work romances/flirtations; your reputation could take a hit. The Full Moon in your sector of home and family is amped up by Jupiter in your sign, suggesting you may push for a conclusion to a mortgage, relocation, rental or family issue. A conclusion is coming, but back off a bit on your demands. If you don't get everything you planned on, settle for what's on the table.


Venus joins Neptune in your sector of opportunities, hinting at an exotic attraction, long distance romance or desired objective that may be just a bit out of your reach. Wait until after this influence is over before you pin your hopes on this dream. In the meantime, there's nothing wrong with considering what could be, or where you could go. The Full Moon in your communication sector is pushed by a square from Jupiter (in your sector of hidden things), indicating an answer, reply or conversation may tell you want to hear, but you may still be hoping for more. It will be easy to get wound up and say/ask too much; consider what you were really hoping for, and then realize that the other person probably has no idea. Just remember that good news is good news, and try not to question it.


Venus joins Neptune in your sector of shared resources, suggesting some beautiful moments of pure intimacy with someone special. Shared finances (taxes, debts, loans or your partner's finances) however, will be a bit trickier; this is not a good time to invest or make financial decisions, because your judgement will be clouded.  The Full Moon hits your security sector and is squared by Jupiter in your sector of friends and groups. It may be time to confront some overspending or financial shortfalls; a solution will be in front of you, and you may even receive assistance, but don't question what you hear or receive. You may feel that you're entitled to more, but the reality is that you'll be getting exactly what you need.


Venus and Neptune in your relationship sector can restore your faith in your partner, or in partnerships in general. However, wait until after this influence concludes before you put all your faith in a promise that your partner makes; it's possible that you'll be projecting much more onto them than you realize. But if everything falls into place, enjoy! The Full Moon in your sign is squared by Jupiter in your career sector, pushing you to overdo a conclusion. Before you toss everything on the table (or out the window) take a step back and consider if it must be all or nothing. Will it really improve your professional reputation (or options) if you put yourself on the chopping block? A culmination is approaching, and you will have to move on, but try approaching things from a balanced perspective.


Venus (your ruler) and Neptune join up in your sector of work and routine, enhancing co-worker relationships and dissolving blocks involving health issues. Your daily grind will become much easier, as you flow from one task to the next; things will just seem to fall into place. One caution; you may be called on to help, or give much more than usual. Do what needs to be done, but know that your selfless contribution may go unnoticed or unappreciated. The best approach is to just do it without expecting applause. The Full Moon hits your sector of hidden things, bringing a underdeveloped potential or secret to fruition. Awareness may hit you all at once as Jupiter (in your sector of opportunities) agitates this Moon; unexpected solutions or benefits may pop up, but so can worries and doubts, triggered by the unknown. Have some faith that what's happening is just right for you.


Venus meets Neptune in your sector of creativity and celebrations, introducing a magical new romance, fabulous creative opportunity or chance to inspire others (or be inspired). This influence can feel intensely beautiful, but it can also make you feel intensely vulnerable. Your boundaries will be down, so watch how much you put out there. The Full Moon in your sector of groups can indicate a turning point/ending for a friendship or group association. Jupiter's push will be coming from your sector of shared resources, so some of what goes down will not be within your control. Assistance (financial or emotional) from an unexpected source could decide things, but you may also find your buttons being pushed. Watch for overreactions based on buried control issues.


Venus and Neptune can paint a beautiful picture with one special person at home. You may feel like retreating (alone or with someone) to heal with some peaceful, soothing energy. This influence can also indicate a slide back into old habits/addictions/lack of boundaries. The Full Moon in your career sector is hit by a square from Jupiter (your ruler) in your partnership sector; your future decisions may be strongly driven by current relationships, and deciding what you really want can be confusing. Choices may be overwhelming, and you could be so busy that you just want to be done with certain work matters. Before you take that final step, make sure that you've considered the fallout and looked at all the details. Overlooking certain work documents/issues is a risk.


Venus blends with Neptune in your communication sector, bringing beautiful promises, hopeful conversations and information that seems too good to be true. What you hear may be only the beginning, or it could be a mirage. Wait until this influence concludes before you go any further. Alternatively, you may feel extra inspired, creative or empathetic; make sure that you can deliver on what you promise after that initial rush of inspiration. The Full Moon can signal a culmination involving education, long distance travel, publishing or new opportunities. Jupiter in your sector of routine will be pushing you towards an achievement, but you could feel flustered, overwhelmed by details/duties and choices. Too much of a good thing? If you feel like the little things are taking over, focus only on what needs to be done and leave the rest for later. You don't have to accomplish everything at once.


Venus and Neptune can create some beautiful, peaceful moments with a special someone, or (if you're by yourself) a feeling of serenity as you realize that it's all going to be ok. You'll get what you need, when you need it. While you may be feeling particularly laid back about finances or security, wait until after this influence concludes before you make any decisions about your next step; your values may be quite fluid, so fluid that you'll confuse what's important to you with what's important to someone else. Kick back and relax, but don't promise anything. The Full Moon hits your sector of shared resources, triggering a conclusion involving taxes, debts, loans or your partner's finances.  Intimacy can also be impacted. Jupiter's square can suggest an unexpected windfall, or unexpected outcome resulting from overspending/overconfidence. You may be tempted to gamble and push things to the limit, but (regarding finances or intimacy) a conservative approach is best. There's a risk of going too far, and losing what you've gained.


Venus joins Neptune in your sign, signalling a time of profound realization, connection, release or forgiveness. What enters your life (or leaves) will do so without much effort on your part. Your romantic energy can be enchanting at this time; you'll be attracting all kinds of attention, but wait until this influence concludes to see if any of it has staying power. The Full Moon can signal a relationship ending or turning point. Whether you move onwards by yourself or with someone, Jupiter's energy will add a sense of urgency. There may be a sense that something must happen immediately, but know that this development is inevitable. Relax, and try not to let events (especially those related to relocating, family discussions or home businesses) hi-jack you.