Horoscopes for February 3rd to February 10th

  Painting by Ilya Repin


Mercury moves into Pisces on February 5th, contacting Neptune from the 5th to the 6th, and then Mars from the 6th to the 8th. The planet of logic hitting the planet of dreams (Neptune) and initiative (Mars) can trigger mixed results. Creativity and imagination will be high, but so will the potential for deception and misunderstanding. It will be easy to chase after the wrong idea. Rather than pushing for answers, this energy is best used for taking note of potential, and then allowing things to play out.  The New Moon in Aquarius (on February 10th) can trigger new beginnings that are free from past restrictions. This energy is about pushing past the rules and charting your own course.


Mercury drifts into your sector of hidden things, stirring up misunderstandings, secrets and half-formed ideas. You may feel an overwhelming urge to tell someone what you really think, but it's better if you hold off on this. Reacting to guesses and suspicions will ensure that you say the wrong thing (and you may not be clear on what you really think, anyway).  Wait for the full story to unfold. It's best to use this energy creatively; you may feel unusually inspired to express yourself through poetry, a dream journal, music, stories, etc. The New Moon can signal a fresh start with the group, or with a friend. You may also find yourself propelled onwards and upwards in the public eye.


Issues with friends and groups can be tricky, as Mercury in Pisces muddles communications and indicates possible deception. Someone in your social circle may not be telling you the truth; watch out for disagreements because of this. Note that the more you push for clarity, the foggier things will become. Your best bet is to back off and allow the truth to emerge in its own time (it will). Alternatively, ensure that what you communicate to others is as clear and forthright as possible. Misunderstandings are a strong risk and, if you're tempted to hold back certain facts, you'll only sink deeper. The New Moon in your career sector is the time to re-charge your ambitions,  apply for a new job or start looking around to see what else is out there.


Be extremely careful how you communicate on the job this week. As Mercury (your ruler) moves into your career sector, doubtful information, confusing instructions from higher-ups and outright lies are all possibilities that can seriously impact your reputation. No matter what's going on around you, make it your mission to be as clear and up front as possible. This is not the time to hold back information (even if you think you're doing it for the right reasons). If you're looking for a new job, consider waiting to send out resumes until after February 8th. The New Moon in your opportunities sector can open the door to a long distance destination, or new developments in education, legal matters or publishing. Take a leap of faith towards something that seems unusual or out of reach; you've got positive energy propelling you forward.


Mercury in your sector of opportunities offers some tempting possibilities in the areas of education, long distance travel, publishing, legal matters or anything that's outside your usual range. Messages could arrive that seem too good to be true. Should you say "Yes"? Mercury is in positive alignment with your sign, so it will be in your best interests to say "Maybe". Find out all the information you can, and do not allow anyone to force your hand. There's no rush on a decision; certain details will be missing,  so allow information to reveal itself. This influence does favour inspired writing, and touching a wider audience with your words. The least favourable influence involves legal matters, where clarity and objectivity are a must. The New Moon in your sector of shared resources suggests that it's time for a fresh approach to debts, loans taxes or your partner's finances. Alternatively, your most intimate relationships could receive a breath of fresh air. In all scenarios, the key is being open minded, and accepting unexpected assistance/clarity that comes your way.


Mercury in your sector of shared resources can make discussions/documents involving debts, taxes, loans or your partner's finances very unclear. If possible, hold off on signing/making a decision until after February 8th; it will be too easy to overlook hidden details or allow fears/mistrust to cloud your judgement. The same goes for discussions around intimacy; conversations will be heartfelt, but misunderstandings, deception and paranoia are a risk. You won't have much control over what others say or think (you never do, but these aspects will drive the point home). The truth is buried under there, but it will take a while for it to emerge. The New Moon in your partnership sector features a promising start for relationships. Leave behind old grudges, habits and resentments. Whether you're starting out single, or entering a new phase in an existing relationship, it's time to move forward.


Mercury (your ruler) enters your partnership sector, stirring up confusing discussions, disagreements and suspicions. A straightforward answer will be difficult to come by (until after February 8th) so don't push for one. You're not comfortable with fuzzy details, but you'll have to put up with them for now. Subtle forms of communication with your partner (instinct, body language) will give you more information; look for what's behind the words. The New Moon in your sector of health and work can be just what you need to re-charge your batteries and give you new momentum. This is the perfect time for a fresh exercise/health regime, re-organization at work or recovery from injury/exhaustion.


Mercury in your sector of work and health can make you busy, but the details/routine/answers will be unclear until after February 8th. You may have to wait/get a second opinion for a medical diagnosis, and endure a few false starts regarding work routines or exercise regimes. These confusing influences are temporary, so don't give up or get discouraged. Be on the lookout for deceptive comments/misunderstandings with co-workers; your best bet is to bow out of these discussions. The New Moon in your sector of creativity and success can switch on an exciting new romance or creative project. Accept any invitations to go out and socialize, as who you meet/the attention you receive could put you on a whole new track.


Mercury in your sector of creativity/success will be in your corner regarding creative projects, inspiration and imagination. If you have a dream, now would be an ideal time to put it into words. But a new romance, while wonderfully seductive, could be hiding more than you know; wait until after February 8th and see what's revealed. The New Moon in your sector of home and family can signal a relocation, new home business, or fresh approach to family issues. Moving beyond past habits/addictions/childhood issues is strongly favoured, and this is the perfect time to do some spring cleaning.


Mercury's move into your 4th House of home and family can make relocation plans, home businesses and family matters confusing. Much of the trouble will stem from past habits or childhood issues; go slow and wait until after February 8th before signing rental agreements or mortgage documents. Domestic/family discussions may be clouded with resentments or hidden information; allow issues to reveal themselves before you make a definitive statement. The New Moon in your communications sector can bring unexpected news involving a sibling, or push you to make a declaration. This can be a liberating moment to communicate a realization or breakthrough.


Mercury in your communications sector can colour your thoughts and words with unusual sensitivity or dreaminess. This is excellent for creativity, but not so great for discussions where clarity is required. Misunderstandings, deception and wishful thinking are strong possibilities until after February 8th. Before this date, don't take the words of others at face value, and make sure that you're expressing yourself as clearly as possible. The New Moon in your security sector can feature a new opportunity to make money or satisfy your personal needs. Looking beyond what you're used to is the key to moving forward and getting what you want.


Mercury enters your resource sector, presenting you with some ideas/discussions involving finances or your security needs. Vague promises and half clarified ideas will be the norm until after February 8th, so don't expect a firm resolution before then. You may not even be sure what you're trying to express regarding emotional satisfaction or relationship goals; allow yourself time to work things out in your head. The New Moon in your sign might be the perfect opportunity to express yourself, especially if someone is pressing you for answers. The clarity and direction that you've been looking for will manifest, and your next step will become clear. This New Moon is all about you, so keep in mind what you want, who you are and what makes you happy.


Mercury in your sign will trigger Neptune and Mars, pushing you forward with new ideas/choices that may be distressingly unclear. Keep moving and following your hunch/dream/hope; things will fall into place, especially after February 8th. Yes, your ideas have value, even as others question or doubt them. At the moment, your best response is "I don't know - it just feels right". Trust yourself. The New Moon in your sector of hidden things can unlock a private dream, hidden potential or secret. This could be an "Ah-ha!" moment that you decide to keep to yourself.