Logic Drifts Away From Shore: Mercury's Transit of Pisces

Mercury moves into Pisces today (February 5th); the planet of logic,  intellect and communication is swimming in uncharted waters.

Details will be fuzzy (especially from February 5th to 6th, when Mercury conjuncts Neptune). So just forget about getting things perfect. Toss out the to-do lists. Logic will fade, replaced by instinct and feeling. Mercury in Pisces puts the dream into words, and confuses words with the dream. This is the energy for poets, writers and musicians. And liars.

Yes, deceit is a biggie with this one. Probably not with malicious intent, but facts will be overlooked. People will hear what they want. This is fantastic if you're creating something that offers an escape from reality, but not so great if you need clarity and detachment.

What can you do? Let go of rigid expectations. Obviously, if you work in a job that demands attention to detail, you'll need to stay on top of things.  But if you're tuned into this energy, and are ready to accept the inevitable miscommunications/mistakes, this transit will go much easier for you. This is not letting  your standards slide, it's about relaxing your grip on what you can control. Amazing things will happen if you accept that...things will happen. If this all reads a bit Zen, then you're getting the hang of this Pisces thing. You cannot control this energy with must-haves or must-dos.

And the truth will come out (it always does), so don't stress about that, either.  Focus on what you're saying; are your words aligned with what you believe in? That's Pisces truth.

If you have planets in Pisces, you'll experience this influence a bit differently from the other signs. You're already in the zone that's "out there", so this transit may actually clarify things for you. The vague dream/longing/unrealized goal can now take shape, via your words. Speak it, write it...even if it sounds insubstantial. Even if others question your ideas. Who cares what they think, just get it out there. You've got Neptune (your ruler) in your corner. This is your time.

Mercury's transit of Pisces will last until April 13th. Mercury will be retrograde in Pisces from February 23rd to March 17th (I'll write a post about this).