Fresh Water: The New Moon In Pisces

Ok. Just one more post about Pisces. I had to write this, because on March 11th, there's a New Moon at 21 degrees Pisces. But this will be as heavy as it gets (Mars exits Pisces and moves into Aries the very next day).

So. On March 11th we've got Neptune, Mercury retrograde, Chiron, Venus and Mars all surrounding this New Moon. What do you do on a New Moon? You start fresh, set intentions, move forward. But you have to do this in accordance with the sign the Moon is in.  The Pisces area of your chart is jam-packed, so that's where you'll have a chance to start fresh.  You'll have all those other planets amplifying the energy, so this could be quite powerful.

Set your intentions in a way that blends with the Pisces vibe (keeping in mind that Mercury is still retrograde). Pisces favours creativity, healing, allowing people/opportunities in, surrender, faith, seeing what's beyond your nose. This will be a fantastic Moon for artists (especially musicians) or anyone trying to get past writer's block. If you're struggling to heal (emotionally or physically) this Moon could offer a turning point.

Keep this in mind; with Pisces, you are simultaneously letting go while opening up.

Anyone with any planets (at any degree) of Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius or Gemini will feel this energy most strongly.