Horoscopes for March 24th to March 31st


A tense week lies ahead as pushy Mars in Aries challenges powerful Pluto in Capricorn (from March 24th to March 26th). Struggles will flare up, involving established power versus impatient aggression. Some will find this invigorating, others will feel overwhelmed. The build up will peak at the Full Moon in Libra (March 27th), which will display the results of these power struggles. Confrontation and projected hostilities will make compromise very difficult. Tension can't be avoided, but you can be aware of the volatile atmosphere and choose to act with restraint.


Mars in your sign is challenged by Pluto in your career sector, suggesting your ambitions may clash with authorities, or the current power structure. Although you'll just be expressing yourself (in your usual manner), others may perceive this as a threat. Alternatively, there may be a conflict between your present circumstances and the changing landscape of your future goals. This tension will culminate with the Full Moon in your relationship sector, and the fallout will involve you and a romantic (or business partner). You'll definitely want things your way, and the danger will be that you'll take out your frustrations on your partner. Remind yourself that they are not your enemy, and their needs are just as valid as yours.


The Mars/Pluto square can stir up unexpected tensions involving hidden/unacknowledged ambitions or desires. This is where you find out what you really wanted. The results may feel uncomfortable, but they'll certainly be revealing. The tipping point occurs on Full Moon, and will involve your duties/obligations to others, your health or your daily routine. Watch for explosive frustrations and resentments (on your part) if others ask for too much or you feel overwhelmed. This will be a call to publicly acknowledge what you want; if others are not fully appreciating your efforts, it's time to step up and let them know.


Social conflict is the theme this week. Mars in your sector of friends and groups is pushed by the Pluto square, stirring up tension and conflict. The root of any disagreements will lie with your need to maintain control of what you already have. But the trick with this aspect is to acknowledge that you never had total control. So take a step back if you're publicly challenged, and consider what you're really fighting for. It all culminates on the Full Moon, as your demands for public recognition of a project, personal goal or romantic attraction create antagonism/unexpected attention. This Moon can also trigger an unexpected turning point in an exciting flirtation or new relationship; things may switch from friendship to romance, or vice versa.


The Mars/Pluto square can see you squeezed between career demands and relationship changes. You may feel pushed by demands from higher ups and blocked by resistance or power struggles from a partner. Is there any room in this scenario for what you want? The Full Moon will push you to a decision point; between private needs and public ambitions, something has to give. The key is recognizing that you are truly capable of taking on increased career opportunities/changes (your future success depends on it) but you have personal needs as well. You can find a balance point if you hone in on that core truth; you know what works for you, and you can look after yourself. This means you won't make everyone happy, but you can deal with that as well.


The Mars/Pluto square triggers a conflict between new opportunities (involving long distance travel, education or legal matters) and your existing routines or duties. Power struggles may occur between what you must do and what you want to do. This aspect can energize you (you'll feel like taking on more to prove yourself) but be cautious about pushing too hard and injuring yourself. The build up will peak on the Full Moon with a message, conversation or piece of information that can confirm what you've been hoping for, or present reasons why it won't happen. Arguments can have a much stronger impact than you anticipated, so measure your words carefully.


The Mars/Pluto square can stir up issues with debts, loans, taxes or your partner's finances. Overspending, under planning or sudden expenses that catch you off guard can be problematic, as can power struggles regarding who is responsible for what. Alternatively, someone may try to push for more control/influence (in financial or emotional matters) and you'll have to decide if it's too much, too soon. The Full Moon will be a deciding factor, and you may have to fight for your security and stability. Relationships can turn on a dime, and the pivotal factor will be what you need to feel safe. Don't be afraid to make some demands.


Partnerships are the focus, as increasing tensions (due to the Mars/Pluto square) see you confronting present demands and past habits. Your old approach to relationships is simply not working anymore, and you may find yourself backed into a corner. As much as you detest conflict, tensions at home are pushing for you to take a stand. The Full Moon will be all about you (even though there will be a direct conflict with someone else). How do you handle anger, frustration and confrontation? The key will be your open and honest expression without projecting your resentments onto someone else.


The Mars/Pluto square stirs up tensions in your daily routine/work. Watch for verbal confrontations or bullying as a conversation, meeting or email pushes you to the limit. This aspect can also impact your health, so carve out some extra time to take care of yourself; this is a high-stress influence that can cause accidents or breakdowns. Daily demands and excessive duties will come to a boiling point on the Full Moon, but the fallout will occur behind the scenes. You may abruptly withdraw, and your actions will catch everyone (including yourself) off guard. Do what you need to do to maintain your peace of mind.


Mars in your sector of creativity and celebrations has been stirring up your desire for attention and appreciation. You've got inspiration and confidence on your side, but this week could find events moving too quickly, even for you. Your financial or emotional security may be challenged by your actions (involving a personal goal or new romance). Alternatively, you may push for more than you're entitled to. Should you take the risk? You'll find out on the Full Moon, as your actions have direct consequences that are delivered via friends, group associations or public opinion. This is not the best time to gamble with your reputation (even if you feel like you can handle whatever comes at you).


Mars cranks up the tension at home as major changes in your life hit you where you feel it most. You like order and control, but right now the agenda seems to be trying to stay one step ahead. Pluto in your sign is not letting you cling to the status quo; you left that behind a while back. Disagreements with a partner/family member or issues with relocating, cohabiting or renovations can feel overwhelming, and the Full Moon will put your responsibilities into sharp focus. You may question if you've taken on too much, or if you can balance career/reputation with what's happening at home. It's better to step away from heated discussions with loved ones at this time, as arguments can get out of control. Pull back and call a time out if needed. However, if you need to exercise authority, remember that your goal is not to steam roll the other parties with your rules.


Mars is firing up your sector of communications, leading to inspiration, flashes of insight and increased ambition. But much of what is bubbling up (regarding decisions and insight) is based on a deeper transformation that's been happening for awhile. Your increased demands and awareness may feel unusually aggressive, but it's all part of the new you. The Full Moon can bring some of these changes to a turning point, as you make a discovery, meet someone new or decide to jump ship. Fated and unusual occurrences are reflections of your increased authenticity. If this Moon offers you something, don't hesitate to take it.


The Mars/Pluto square can keep you on edge (financially or emotionally) as events push you to declare your needs/boundaries. This could put you in a position that clashes with external power/authority or group dynamics. You may have to be more aggressive than you're used to; remember that you're allowed to put yourself first. The Full Moon will bring this all to boiling point, and it may feel like others are pulling your strings. Rather than dancing to their tune, you can step back and exercise your option to do what feels best for you.