Mars At 29 Degrees Pisces And The New Moon

A reader asked about the significance of Mars at 29 degrees Pisces, as it relates to tomorrow's Pisces New Moon.

Mars will be in the last degree of Pisces as the New Moon occurs. Significant? Well, the 29th degree of any sign is known as the Anaretic degree. Most astrologers concur that this degree has an urgency to it; it's as if the planet (at that degree) wants to jump into the next sign. It marks the end of one cycle (especially significant because Pisces is the last sign) and the start of another. For this reason, some consider the 29th degree to be Karmic. Sometimes the qualities of that sign are amplified, forcing you to pay attention so you can finish up.

Mix these ideas in with the planet of action, and you have an extra push to simultaneously let go and start something new. How does this relate to your New Moon intentions? Whatever you start may have some extra oomph behind it (compared to other New Moons) because it will involve your first step away from an old cycle (symbolized by the Pisces occupied house in your chart).

Think of it this way; what will you promote from dream (Pisces) to action (Aries)?