The Accelerator: Transiting Mars Meets Uranus in Aries

Aries is a polarizing sign. This probably has to do with the fact that it literally marks a turning point in the year. It's change, and change equals crises. There's risk during the moment of birth. No one feels neutral about this Fire sign. The comments on my Aries ingress post illustrate this....people either love it or hate it.

Pushy, brash, self-involved, impatient. How you react to the intensifying Aries stellium speaks volumes about how you handle abrupt beginnings, the call to initiate, and action. You probably feel threatened or invigorated. So take what you feel, and push it up about 10 notches between now and March 22nd, when Mars meets Uranus at 8 degrees Aries.

This will be a high-tension aspect, to put it mildly. When Uranus (shocks and surprises) meets Mars (energy) there is the potential for accidents, sudden breakthroughs, and fateful moments when everything can turn on a dime. This can be the spark that lights your fire, or the moment when things explode. You do have to exercise caution (don't be reckless, don't push an already tense situation). But...there's potential here too. If you're looking for a breakthrough, or something to push you out of a rut, this is your time.  Also, if there's something or someone that you've been clinging to, the next few days may forcefully pry your fingers loose. This influence is not friendly to stale patterns.

There's a Full Moon in Libra following closely on the heels of this aspect, and I'll write about that in a couple of days.

Those with planets/angles between 6-9 degrees Aries, Capricorn, Libra or Cancer will be in the hot zone.