Horoscopes for April 14th to April 21st

  "The Minotaur" by George Frederick Watts


Three planets move into Taurus this week; Venus (April 15th), the Sun (April 19th) and Mars (April 20th). Taurus is the sign of security and manifesting (making it real), so whatever started over the past month will now bear fruit or move to the next level. This energy supports consistency, routine and personal boundaries; great for building things up, but very difficult to change once something is established. Make sure that whatever you're working on is good for you (and others) because it could be around for awhile.


As Venus, the Sun and Mars (your ruler) shift into your security sector, your focus will shift to making things real. You'll find it easier to manifest and solidify what you need for your personal security. Finances can see a boost (this is a good time to ask for a raise or increase your rates) and your emotional stability/self-worth can also gel. Whatever you initiated over the past month (during the buildup of planets in your sign) will now bear fruit. A new relationship can progress as you instinctively know how to get what you need, with the perfect blend of assertiveness and charm.


Venus (your ruler) the Sun and Mars all move into your sign this week, bringing background potentials, hidden attractions or half-realized goals out into the open. It's time to make your move, or push forward. Whatever you've been mulling over is now ready. Are you? If you're still feeling hesitant, know that you have an abundance of magnetism and ambition backing you up; the current planetary emphasis has placed a ton of energy in your corner, and it would be a shame to waste it. Whether you decide to start something new, or move away from what's been holding you back, the only way to go is up.


The planets slide into your sector of hidden things, opening your eyes to some intriguing new possibilities. Is this for real? Can you count on this new development? It's too early to say just yet, and you don't have all the information anyway. Bide your time and allow things to ripen. However, know that you have more resources than you realize; if you get confused or wander off course, a good tactic will be to tap into certain potentials that you've never considered. Instincts and intuition will help you out now.


As the planets light up your social sector, you could find your profile is raised significantly. New introductions, flirtations, networking and group opportunities are all possible, so if you're in the mood to move forward in any way, make sure you get out and make connections. This energy bodes well for solidifying existing friendships or initiating new connections with lasting potential. This is also the time to get serious about your big dreams, wishes and hopes. Is there a personal goal that you've been eyeing? Take steps to pursue it now, because the resources are there. Even if you've felt a lack of support in the past, friends/associates will have solid assistance for you.


Venus, the Sun (your ruler) and Mars fire up your career sector, boosting your ambitions, but also stirring up conflicts. This influence can push you in a new direction, or stir up some volatile energy at your existing workplace. You may welcome the changes, or feel challenged by them. Know that there are benefits for you, even if others push back or confront you. The Sun and Venus especially indicate that this can be an excellent time to forge alliances, but you'll have to be open to what others are offering. The key will be stepping back, taking a breath, and realizing that not everyone is out to get you.


As the planets enter your sector of opportunities, you'll see that it's time to show the world what you've got. Long distance travel/romance, education, legal matters, publishing or any areas that are outside your comfort zone are where you'll find the benefits. If you extend your reach/take a chance, you'll discover solid opportunities and support. Of course, there are no guarantees, but the current planetary energies are very compatible with your sign. If you were ever going to take that leap, now's the time.


Venus (your ruler) the Sun and Mars move a new relationship to the next level of intimacy, or see you confronted with issues of personal space, boundaries and control. This will feel intense (and quite heavy) but it's time to go a bit deeper, even if that just means exploring what you really want/don't want. Alternatively, shared resources (debts, loans, taxes, inheritances or your partner's finances) can become the focus. This can be a good time to initiate or solidify investments. You may also be pushed to pay what you owe.


The planets heat up your love life, as an existing partnership solidifies or a new partnership (with long term potential) develops. The focus will be on developing something with value and staying power. This influence can also impact business partnerships or your approach to "others" in general; despite your constant need to dig deeper and confront, there comes a point when you want to establish security and build on it. These are the issues you'll be working with now.


Health, work and daily routine take on added importance as the planets urge you to look at what needs to be taken care of. A physical issue (weight or injury) can demand your attention; if you've been finding excuses to let things slide, you'll have to make time for yourself now. Once you push past some temporary inertia, it should be easy to find the motivation. Work and duties/obligations to others may claim much of your time in the coming weeks, but it's up to you to look out for number one. Know that developing a stable, personal routine that nurtures your physical health will make you more effective in every other area.


The planetary emphasis is on your personal success, creativity, performance and/or satisfaction. These are extremely favourable influences for launching a creative project, developing your audience or just relaxing and enjoying the good things in life. Your key phrase now could be "I deserve", and that's what you'll be attracting. Recognition and appreciation (on a personal or professional level) can begin to manifest. Whether you decide to take a break or push forward, this energy can support you.


Home and family become the centre of activity for you. Relocations, remodelling, initiating a home business or confronting family issues are all possibilities now. Despite the intense feel to these events, know that you are on your way to establishing something positive and supportive for yourself. Whenever planetary energies impact the home and family sector, the underlying theme is moving away from the past. Part of this movement may include a (temporary) return to past habits/routines, but the goal is to build something new and consistent.


As the planets shift into your sector of communications, you'll be concerned with solidifying your ideas/thoughts or getting your message across with maximum effectiveness. Concentration/focus should come more easily, and you'll find the slower pace (both internally and externally) a welcome relief. This can be a time when you (finally) settle on an option or decide what your next step will be. In some cases, you may have to dig in and push a bit harder to make yourself heard; if so, know that your persistence will be effective as long as you have the goods to back up your words.