Horoscopes for April 21st to April 28th






Venus in indulgent Taurus opposes Saturn in Scorpio from April 20th to 22nd. Saturn is the planet of restrictions and focus, and when it faces off with Venus, the theme is making do with less. The pinch may be felt financially or emotionally, but the best approach is to work with what's already been established, and strengthen it. The Full Moon Lunar eclipse (on April 25th) in Scorpio will oppose the Sun and Mars in Taurus. Lunar eclipses feature culminations or endings, and these may be felt in relation to security or stability. Whether there's a goodbye or intensification to the next chapter, this energy supports total commitment to the new phase of your life. Whatever happens will be all or nothing.


"Only the essentials" is your theme for this week.  The Venus/Saturn opposition pushes you to deal with debts, budgets or personal insecurity. If you look closely, you have the resources (emotional or financial) but you'll need to dig deep, become more independent or tighten your belt. This is not the time to overspend or demand a lot from others. The eclipse hits your section of shared resources, bringing intimacy or financial issues to a turning point. The focus will be on what you don't have, or what you feel you need, but can't get. Your best strategy is to let go of everything that's not supporting you. This can range from emotional entanglements that are past their due date, control issues that keep you from getting closer to someone, or excess expenses.


Venus in your sign opposes Saturn in your relationship sector, putting the pinch on partnership wants, needs, dependency and enmeshment. Someone may push back, pull away or you may become acutely aware of the limits of an existing relationship. The eclipse (in your partnership sector) can signal the final chapter in a drawn out ending, or a dramatic shift in status (from single to married/committed, or vice versa). The change has been building for a while, so if you need to release someone, do so with grace (you can't hang on any longer). A deeper commitment will require all your energy, so if you say "Yes", know that this one will be binding.


Venus and Saturn can stir up some unacknowledged/hidden issues related to helping/serving others. If you feel a niggling sense of resentment/frustration over work, duties, health or routine, pay attention to how these developments are clashing with your deeper needs. The eclipse will activate your sector of work and routine, triggering a shift in your work place, the culmination of a health issue or a confrontation with an unavoidable duty. Anything that you've been putting off will now demand that you give it your full attention. Approach all changes/demands with efficiency and focus (just get it done, and do it right), and you should be ok. Departures at work (yours or others) are also a possibility.


The Venus/Saturn opposition sets up conflicts between romantic/social opportunities, and the realities of what you're able to give/get. Saturn has been pushing you to get serious about your personal success, and part of this involves discrimination about who you associate with.  If they're not right for you, you'll know it. The eclipse can signal a turning point/finish line on a personal project or desired goal. This could be a time to launch, or move on from something you've desired. There will be no mistaking which way you'll have to go, and either way, your path to personal fulfilment lies in total commitment to the results. Let someone or something go completely (so you can make room for something new) or throw yourself into the next phase of your project.


Venus in your career sector pits job developments against Saturn's responsibilities/restrictions in your home and family sector. Where you want to advance, or what you want to gain, can feel out of reach. This is the time to double check if your goals are realistic. If they are, focus on what needs to be done to get there. The eclipse can herald a major relocation, lifestyle change, departure or arrival in your family. Your home environment will be transformed, and much of this will involve a permanent release of a large chunk of your past.


Venus and Saturn demand that you get serious about new opportunities. Long distance travel, education, legal matters, new romance or a chance to broaden your reach/influence are all areas where you can develop something real (and lasting) but Saturn's opposition says that you need vigorous planning and a disciplined approach to make it happen. That shouldn't be a problem for you, but disciplining yourself to see past your negative self-talk might be an issue. It's true that not everything is meant for you, but how will you know if you give up before you even start? The eclipse can deliver a final message or push you to make a no-turning-back decision. Goodbyes can be a major part of this influence.


Before you spend it, make sure you have it. Saturn's opposition to Venus (your ruler) is putting the breaks on self-indulgence (and intimacy). Caution with emotional and financial resources is advised; before you trust, dive deeper or invest more, make sure you're fully prepared. The eclipse can signal a major revaluation of your finances or emotional security. If you experience a loss, know that that particular area is no longer fertile for you. Saturn in your sector of resources has been urging you to become more frugal and independent for awhile. After this eclipse, you'll have to put Saturn's lessons into practice. On the plus side, what works for you (your values and needs) will be become crystal clear, and you won't settle for anything that doesn't support them.


Saturn in your sign opposes Venus in your partnership sector, pushing you to get serious about a relationship. Saturn's influence has been steadily adjusting your focus to what really matters, and now you'll put it to the test. You're in no mood for self indulgence or halfway measures. The eclipse in your sign can signal the final chapter in a relationship or other major area of your life. If a partnership, job or other scenario isn't exactly what you're looking for, you'll be moving on. For some who are reluctant to let go, a goodbye may be thrust upon you. Either way, it's all about cutting away what no longer has value so you can move forward as a more focused and powerful individual.


The Venus/Saturn opposition triggers difficulties in the areas of work, health and routine. Energy, physical wellbeing or the smooth flow of day to day activities may be impeded by hidden/unclear restrictions. Some of what's tripping you up could be related to buried fears/anxieties, and the exact nature of the problem will become clear around the eclipse. Simmering fears, anxieties or background issues will come to a boil. The best way to deal with these is to take small, practical steps and work with what you know.


Personal goals, a new romance or creative project might be limited or put on hold by the Venus/Saturn opposition. Restrictions will come from an external source; social rules or disinterest can be frustrating and inhibiting. This can be an isolating few days, as you feel ignored or undermined. Watch what happens on the eclipse (which will fall in your sector of friends and groups); there should be a resolution/ending regarding certain people in your life. This week's overall theme is who brings value to your life, and who undermines your confidence.


Venus and Saturn turn up the tension between home and career. You may want to settle, nest or withdraw into your cozy retreat, but career demands will pull you out. The weight of responsibility has been heavy lately, and you'll feel it most acutely now. The eclipse (in your career sector) can bring you to a tipping point with these responsibilities, as you are pushed to decide the balance between your personal and professional life. A change on the job (especially related to the exit of someone in a key management position) can be a deciding factor.


The Venus/Saturn opposition pit your desires, hopeful ideas or longings against the reality of how far you can go. You may be feeling limited (especially in the areas of long distance travel, education or legal matters); expansion is not an option at the moment. These energies are pushing you to draw back and concentrate on what you've already got going on. There are solid opportunities for you out there, but you need to stabilize before you can move forward. The eclipse can be a deciding factor about relocation, a legal issue or your next big adventure.