Horoscopes for April 28th to May 5th

Painting by Jean-Francois Millet


The Sun in Taurus gets a boost from Pluto retrograde in Capricorn (April 28th to May 1st). This is a potent influence that relies heavily on past changes/issues to power up current goals. The energy is positive, even if it means that you need to revisit something you thought was over. Pluto can help you manifest, but only if you follow his regime of fearless transformation. Mercury enters Taurus on May 1st, putting the emphasis on real words, ideas and plans. The concept of "real" is important: practical ideas and guaranteed follow-up to statements are where it's at. No one's interested in empty promises.


Career ambitions and future goals can finally produce measurable benefits, as the Sun in your resources sector is powered up by the trine to Pluto retrograde. There could be news of a pay increase, or a satisfying result to a professional project, job search or meeting with higher ups (you'll be seeing the results of changes that were set in motion months ago). This is a good time to push for long-awaited professional recognition, because your emotional and material resources are supported by external power. When Mercury enters your resources sector, you'll come up with solid ideas about saving, spending and building your foundation.


The Sun in your sign forms a potent, powerful trine to Pluto retrograde, opening some doors that you thought were shut. Areas to watch include long distance travel, education, legal matters, publishing or anything that seemed out of your reach. Seeds that were planted a while back are now showing growth, so it's time to move forward. Whether this means a relocation, pressing forward with a project or saying "yes" to a distant offer, know that this means growth for you. As Mercury enters your sign, you'll start to plan your next move or put your needs/desires into words. Mercury can also bring an influx of new information, paperwork, introductions or key people.


The Sun in your hidden sector trines Pluto retrograde, pushing you to dig deeper or acknowledge what's been hidden. Something's unfolding in the background, and it could involve old financial or intimacy issues. If you find yourself revisiting something that you thought was dead and buried (or of no consequence) know that now is the time to get to the root. It's not going away, so wouldn't you rather tackle it and be done with it? This can feel heavy, especially once Mercury (your ruler) enters your hidden sector. You're most comfortable whizzing along the surface, but now it seems as if you have no choice but to go deep. Put logic to one side, and allow your intuition to guide you through.


Pluto retrograde in your partnership sector hooks into the Sun, bringing up old relationship issues that are triggered by group activities, friendships or public versus private loyalties. Jealousy and feelings of abandonment may also be triggered (especially if you or your partner are broadening your social circles) but any wounds can be easily healed if you flow with the changes. There are no external threats here, just the potential to release your fears. Social activity will increase even more once Mercury enters your sector of friends and groups, so work on accepting new faces and ideas into your life. This can only benefit you. On a different note, Mercury's energy makes this an excellent time to launch a new project or idea to the public (as long as it's been carefully thought out). People will be looking for proof to back up your claims.


The Sun (your ruler) is firing up your career sector, and its ambitious trine to Pluto retrograde can present you with a way forward, or the next rung up the ladder. However, you'll have to revisit some old work or health habits/scenarios/rules first. This should benefit you, especially if you've been disciplined over the past few months. The changes that have been happening in your daily life (related to routine or health) are now crucial to your future success. There may be a need to release certain habits or compulsions. When Mercury enters your career sector, watch for an increase in job leads (if you're looking) meetings with management, or networking opportunities.


The Sun in your opportunities sector is powered up by Pluto retrograde, asking you to revisit a personal goal or desire. Is there something that you've dropped or let slide? Take another look, because there's some life in it yet. This is the time to further your personal ambitions. Some of that urgency may have faded over the past month, but Pluto retrograde is insisting that you concentrate on what's in front of you. Rather than giving up, intensify your efforts. As Mercury (your ruler) enters your opportunities sector, watch for messages/information concerning long distance travel, legal matters, publishing or education. Now is the time to get your work/words exposed to a wider audience.


The trine between the Sun and Pluto retrograde indicates that old issues involving family, your home or relocation can finally be resolved. The solution lies with joint finances (taxes, debts, loans, your partner's finances) or assistance/support that you can receive from another. Whether you're pooling your resources, or taking someone's advice, this is not the time to go it alone. This influence can be especially helpful if you have a home business. As Mercury enters your sector of shared resources, it may be time to sign financial documents, discuss financial issues or establish a concrete plan for loan payments.


The Sun in your relationship sector receives a boost from Pluto retrograde, suggesting that another crack at an old discussion/issue with your partner will be beneficial. There's much more to talk about (although you may not have realized this until now). Positive outcomes will depend on your evolving attitude; this is not the time to stick to rigid/outmoded ideas. Once Mercury enters your relationship sector, expect even more discussions as the floodgates open. The theme will be solid statements of intent, and realistic plans.


The Sun/Pluto retrograde trine powers up your daily routine, energy level, health and work environment. If you've been feeling overwhelmed by duties or lingering health issues, this influence can give you the extra support you need to move forward. This will involve revisiting certain financial/security issues, as you clear out something that's been draining your well being. Once you put an end to unproductive/undermining habits or associations, you'll find that things click into place in your daily life. It won't take much effort to find the source of the difficulty. Once Mercury moves into your sector of health and routine, focus on establishing a practical plan of attack, then follow it.


Pluto retrograde in your sign is urging you to look back at what you've let go of (or still need to let go of). Have you completely detached yourself from a restrictive habit/limit/fear? If not, do it now and you should find that your efforts towards personal success/romance become much more fruitful. If you have been working diligently to move ahead with your life, you could see the achievement of a precious, personal/creative goal. Once Mercury enters your sector of creativity and success, it will be an excellent time to market yourself or your work.


The Sun in your sector of home and family receives a boost from Pluto retrograde, but you may feel this as a background impulse, rather than an obvious change. Certain blocks/fears are gradually being removed underneath the surface, and the results may appear in unexpected ways. Home renovations, relocations, the urge to reorganize your domestic environment - all are symptoms of larger, more profound transformations. Know that it's important for your external environment to be in synch with your internal one. Once Mercury enters your home and family sector, watch for an increase in paperwork, family/domestic information or visitors.


The Sun in your communication sector is empowered by Pluto retrograde in your sector of friends and groups, suggesting that past associations/organizations/social structures can be beneficial. Watch for positive messages, conversations or information that puts you on a whole new track. Alternatively, you may find that there really is an audience for your ideas; individuals may come back to you and request your input or services. As Mercury enters your communication sector, information/plans/ideas may develop and grow into something permanent. The pace will not be fast, but it will be steady.