Horoscopes for April 7th to April 14th

Painting by Jean-Francois Millet


April 10th launches a gung-ho Aries New Moon, perfect for powerful fresh starts. Whether you grab this energy and work with it to initiate a new phase in your life, or life thrusts sudden developments upon you, know that events will move quickly. The vibe is decisive, and gut instincts will serve you better than analysis or worry. April 13th sees Mercury (the planet of communication and intellect) move into Aries (until May 1st). Information and choices can be demanding, with no room for compromise. This can be a busy but fruitful period, especially if your work involves writing, sales or promotions.


The New Moon in your sign is the perfect opportunity to start fresh, push ahead or launch a "new you" into the world. Whether this chapter involves personal, financial or business matters, any new initiatives will be fully supported, and will have tons of energy behind it. This influence can be particularly effective if you've been denying your true wants/needs lately; your ruler's (Mars) close proximity to this Moon ensures that the real you will emerge. Mercury's move into your sign boosts ideas, communications and new introductions. If you need to meet/talk to others, this energy will give you plenty to say and should remove any blocks.


This New Moon can fire up hidden potential, a creative (or instinctive)urge or a surprising new desire/direction that you had never considered (until now). Much of what will be motivating you will be hidden from public view, and you may not be clear on what's pushing your buttons. You'll understand more once the planets start to shift into your sign (starting April 15). So for now, just trust in the process and go with your gut. Your instincts will not lead you wrong. Mercury's entrance into your sector of hidden things can urge you to keep ideas back (until the time is ripe) or have you suspecting (rightly) that there is more to a scenario than meets the eye.


The New Moon can open a new chapter in your social life. Watch for significant introductions or new group involvements; everything is on fast forward now, and people will be accelerating into your life. These involvements may not all be long lasting, but they'll have an important role to play. This is also an excellent opportunity to launch a new social or business endeavour that depends on public support; your profile is high and your actions will have significant impact. As your ruler (Mercury) joins the party, this will become the busiest time of the year for you. Group dynamics and communications will be crucial, and everyone will be listening to what you have to say.


This New Moon can launch a new career, position or chance for you to impress others with your skills and expertise. Now is the time to accelerate your ambitions and push towards that goal. Planetary energy will be lively, but you may also find it jarring (too much, too soon). Remember that you only have to take on as much as you feel capable of handling. On the other hand, make sure you don't shrink back from certain opportunities (you're more prepared than you may think). Mercury's move into your career sector gives you new business ideas and ways to communicate them. Don't hold back when it comes to verbalizing your ambitions.


This New Moon brings you opportunities galore. What's new, enticing, exotic or more than you hoped for is well within reach. This is also a fantastic influence if you need to escape or re-locate. This energy favours risk taking, and should enable you to develop the full potential of what was only hinted at (previously). Long distance travel, education, long distance romance, legal matters and publishing are all favoured. Mercury's addition to your opportunities sector can bring a hoped for message or confirmation. It can also signal the ideal time for you to spread the word and reach out to a wider audience (this is a perfect influence for sales, marketing and promotions).


The New Moon can signal an exciting new chapter in your love life; you may feel bolder  or ready to push the boundaries a bit. Alternatively, someone may push you in unexpected directions. While you always have the final say on how far you're prepared to go, this influence encourages you to move beyond what you're accustomed to. If something accelerates or catches you off guard, know that your best tactic is to allow events to unfold (even if that includes an ending). Shared finances can also see some new developments. It might be time to get cracking on loan or debt payments, taxes or joint budgets. As your ruler (Mercury) moves into your sector of shared resources, you can feel especially pressured to respond or react.


The New Moon can set the stage for a brand new relationship, or new phase in an existing relationship. Events will move quickly and there will be no doubt about which direction things are headed. If there's no one special in your love life, you can take advantage of this energy to initiate a new attitude/approach to partnerships; this is the ideal influence to set your intentions about who you'd like to bring into your life. Mercury's move into your relationship sector can trigger important introductions or accelerate conversations with a partner/potential partner. Communication will be honest and unscripted, so be prepared for some healthy bluntness.


This New Moon can trigger a fresh health/exercise routine, a change in your work environment, or even more duties and obligations. Life's been busy for you, and it's not going to slow down any time soon. This influence should be energizing, so no matter what extras are tossed onto your plate, you'll have the ambition to handle them. Be aware that new developments could also force you to re-prioritize; everything can't come first. Mercury's entrance into your sector of work and daily routine keeps the information coming at you, fast and furious. You should be able to dispense with certain obligations/get answers/diagnoses/solutions quickly.


The New Moon can introduce an exciting/frustrating new distraction, or give you a creative boost regarding a project or desired goal. The energy is yours to play with; it's about putting yourself out there and grabbing some attention. The question is, will you want all the attention that comes your way? Keep your audience in mind. Regarding a new flirtation/attraction or chance to celebrate, enjoy it, but don't push it too far (keep it light). Mercury's move into your sector of creativity and celebrations can bring inspiration and vital, new ideas. This is an excellent time promote your project/story/performance or talents.


The New Moon can signal a cohabitation, relocation or other major shift involving home and family. This is prime time to launch a home business or start a major renovation. Issues involving parents and home responsibilities can shift into high gear; whatever begins will accelerate rapidly, with the emphasis on movement away from the past. The addition of Mercury's influence can ramp up family discussions or trigger the signing of home documents (mortgages, rental agreements). If you've been waiting for a definitive answer on a domestic issue, your answer should arrive quickly.


The New Moon can accelerate your decision making process. If you've been chewing over an issue, this influence can flip the yes/no switch. Which ever way you go, don't second guess yourself; your first answer will be correct. Mercury's move into your sector of communication can help you focus, articulate and move forward with a determined plan. It's full speed ahead now, and you won't be talked out of whatever you decide. These influences can also throw some challenges from others at you; you may have to fight for your ideas.


This New Moon can introduce a compelling new desire or need. Should you go after it? Know that the buildup of Aries energy in your sector of security is about putting your needs first, so keep that in mind and take it from there. If you feel more demanding than usual, you are! This is a good thing. Mercury's energy will help you clarify and articulate what you really want. This is an opportune time to ask for a pay raise or discuss your needs with a partner, because you'll have the facts/figures to back you up.