Spread Your Wisdom: The Yod Between Saturn, Pluto And Jupiter

Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter are all sitting between 10-12 degrees right now. There's a lot to work with here, so let's break it down.

I wrote about the quiet support of Saturn sextile Pluto herePluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio are forming a configuration with Jupiter (in Gemini) called a Yod.  The tangible (Saturn) transformations (Pluto) in your life may be difficult to express to others;  all that heavy, Saturn/Pluto energy is being funnelled into light, expansive Jupiter in Gemini. For example, you've done X, and you're quite proud of this (rightly so). But there's a gap between what you've done, and getting others to comprehend it. Should you even bother?

Yes, you should. The energy of this Yod (with Jupiter as the focal point) suggests that finding a way to put what's inside, "out there", will bring you the greatest benefits. Go public with your quiet victories, but find a way to translate them so everyone gets it. You'll receive more than a pat on the back; you'll open new doors, discover new opportunities, make new connections. All through the house in your chart where transiting Jupiter is sitting right now (at 12 degrees). This configuration is almost over, but it will be in effect until April 12th. So it's not too late to let the world know what you've been up to.

Note that this Yod was happening back in December, 2012 (before it drifted apart, due to Jupiter retrograde). Think back to what was happening then. Is this a repeat for you? You might have a second chance at some missed opportunities, even if that just means using Jupiter's energy to propel yourself forward. The more you communicate what's happening on the deeper levels, the further you'll go.