The Planets Move Into Taurus

Venus moves into earthy, abundant Taurus today, followed by the Sun on April 19th, Mars on April 20th and Mercury on May 1st. All the "snap, crackle, pop" of Aries will settle into a mellow rhythm.

What you started during the Aries stellium will slow down and become fixed. Taurus is about building up what you have (not starting fresh). Taurus is resources, self-esteem, security and values. Some may find the slower pace relaxing, while others get frustrated.

So what have you got to build up? Everybody's got something (or the seeds of something) they'd like to grow. Check the part of your chart where Taurus sits; that's where you have the potential to bloom. The best way to work with this energy is to develop a regular routine (related to whatever you want to manifest) and stick with it. Chip away at whatever you want to change/diminish. Take baby steps towards what you're trying to increase. "Routine" is the key word here; it can make or break you. If you align your habits so they support healthy, empowering values, you'll be on the road to manifesting what you want. But if you get stuck in a negative, limiting rut, you'll manifest the unhappy stuff (emotional poverty, stagnation, withdrawal).

This energy is not deep or complicated. Taurus is a literal sign; you put out X, you get X in return.