You, Only Better: Transiting Venus and Mars in Taurus

The highest expression of Taurus is   knowing who you are, and loving it. If you're not loving it, you either work to accept or change things.

As Venus (love) and Mars (sex) move through Taurus, the relationship vibe is about making it real by being true to yourself.

These two planets are not always in agreement, but they are right now. What you initiate (Mars) with another person must have value. Who you attract (Venus) should share, or at least support, your values. Surface stuff, actions with no follow up, affection with no staying power...not gonna fly right now.

Venus is hooked into an empowering trine with Pluto in Capricorn (exact on April 24th at  11 degrees), so she really knows what she wants. Love/affection/attraction/self-esteem  have the power to transform. If you do it right, that is. Is there something/someone you want? Does the (potential) scenario line up with your core values? Then go for it. Do the work (Capricorn) to make it happen. This influence is powerful for manifesting. But really, this energy is on tap for the entire time that Mars and Venus are in Taurus (it's just more intense right now). Mars and Venus in agreement mean that actions support what you want. The catch must know exactly what you want, and it has to be good for you.

"Good for you"= makes you feel secure, content and contributes to a solid sense of who you are. You feel more like you, and you like it. Remember, this is Taurus; work with what you have.

Venus will be in Taurus until May 9th and Mars will be in Taurus until May 31st.