Compassionate Release: Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius

Continuing the theme of confusion/idealism that I talked about here and here, there's a Full Moon Lunar eclipse on May 25th at 4 degrees Sagittarius (opposing the Sun in Gemini). This eclipse will guessed it...squaring Neptune in Pisces.

You just can't get away from this energy. It will be a steadily intensifying theme between now and the eclipse. Lunar eclipses are culminations (and endings), but a square to Neptune can suggest disappointment. What you've been hoping for may fizzle. A big ending may be anti-climactic (Neptune dissolves what it touches). Alternatively, if you've been dishonest with others/yourself (or if you've been mislead) it will all come to a head.

The bright side? Mercury (communication, ideas)  and Venus (love, money, values) will form a conjunction in Gemini a few hours before. This suggests the potential to get some of what you want. What you say/think will be directly linked to what's desired, so if you keep your expectations in check, it could go all right for you. Sagittarius is idealistic, but when it's squared by Neptune, it's crazy- idealistic.

What to do:

  • Suspend expectations (difficult, I know) 
  • Focus on compassion and letting go of disappointment
  • Focus on what you learn (Gemini/Sag is about learning/teaching, and Full Moon eclipses can be illuminating)

What not to do:

  • Focus on that fantasy/hope you've been nurturing 
  • Continue to overlook unpleasant details (in the time leading up to this eclipse); the more you avoid the truth, the harder you'll be hit with it

This energy can be quite beautiful and forgiving. So it will also be an excellent time to  say you're sorry, or just make the choice (Gemini) to forgive someone. The danger is that you may hope (Sagittarius) for more (a response, an acknowledgement) from the other party. Aim for healing yourself (by releasing the pain) but don't lay your expectations on  them. Just walk away, and if something nice happens, it will be a bonus. 

If you have planets/angles between 3-5 degrees Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius or Gemini, you'll feel this eclipse most strongly.