Horoscopes for May 19th to May 26th

Picture by Arthur Rackham


The Sun moves into Gemini on May 20th, squaring Neptune in Pisces from May 20th to May 26th. Goals, choices, messages and information can all be confusing or double-sided. If you find yourself vacillating/questioning your next move, the May 25th Full Moon eclipse in Sagittarius will give you an answer. This eclipse will also square Neptune, so results may be less than you hoped for. But there's still tons of potential (especially with a win-win conjunction of Venus and Mercury in Gemini on May 24th). This eclipse's energy is perfect for releasing control (to make room for something better), seeing the possibilities, and making the most of what's presented to you.


The Sun enters your communication sector, but the doubtful square from Neptune will shift ideas, meanings or your overall focus. Secrets, half-understood motivations or dreams about what "could be" may throw you off track. These themes will culminate on the Full Moon eclipse, and will add a hopeful/idealistic energy to matters involving long distance issues (travel, romance) education or publishing. You'll see the potential for so much more, but what actually unfolds may fall short of the mark, or you may miscalculate and reach too far. Rather than dwelling on missed opportunities or disappointments, look at what you have, right in front of you. Alternatively, this energy is excellent for making amends or releasing grudges/bitterness.


The Sun enters your security sector (and is squared by Neptune), setting the stage for big dreams/goals about money or satisfaction. You'll be wanting more, and the eclipse will bring home the results of your efforts (0ver the past month). Joint finances, loans, debts, taxes or intimacy issues may feel discouraging, or amount to less than you imagined. This will be the time to check if you did the work to manifest what you wanted, or just assumed things would magically unfold. Nonetheless, Venus (your ruler) will have united with Mercury (in your security sector) a few hours earlier, suggesting there will be potential to get some of what you want, as long as you have vocalized your desires. Alternatively, this eclipse could bring relief as it helps you release neediness, jealousy or resentment; keeping your grip on something/someone may not matter anymore.


The Sun in your sign is squared by Neptune in your career sector, making you question future goals or present accomplishments. Even if you're successful, you may still be worried (needlessly) that your accomplishments will dissolve. Or, you may lose the thread of a project or career focus; certain goals may not matter any more. The eclipse (in your partnership sector) can push you to confront your attitude towards success. Consider how you've been projecting your ideas of achievement onto everyone else, but have been losing sight of what you've done. Mercury (your ruler) and Venus unite in your sign a few hours before this eclipse, suggesting you really will get what you ask for (although you may overlook/undervalue it). Alternatively, a relationship could reach a turning point; disillusionment, or an illumination of who you've really been dealing with could fuel an ending or confrontation.


The Sun in your hidden sector is easily confused by Neptune, bringing dreams up close, while pushing certain realities far away. Perception is distorted, but your creativity/sensitivity is overflowing; channel this energy into art, mediation, spiritual work, a retreat or release. The eclipse can present a confrontation between the daily grind/duties versus escapism. Alternatively, you may be confronted with the facts on how much you've been giving ; there's a difference between service and sacrifice. A health issue may also become your focus, as you confront details that you'd hoped to avoid.


The Sun in your sector of friends/groups gets some mixed signals from Neptune. You may find yourself questioning where you belong, if you want to belong, or who you can trust. The eclipse brings it down to your personal goals versus how you're perceived by others. Your vision of what makes you special/unique, or what you had a shot at, may be skewed. This eclipse will reveal the truth, and while everything you hear may not be to your liking, this energy is still ripe for socializing, parties and revelling in attention (you will get attention). You're still a superstar. Enjoy, but keep the risk taking/overindulging to a minimum (it will be easy to overdo it).


The Sun lights up your career sector, and Venus' union with Mercury (your ruler) suggests networking, professional contacts/conversations/emails can bring rewards. Neptune's square may cause you to question yourself a bit more than usual, but know that the more you let go, the more room you leave for success. The eclipse can result in a job offer, prospect or business opportunity. You may feel undermined/confused by family/relationship responsibilities, but before you give something up for someone, double check if that's what they really want. Family/partners have more support for you than you think, and much of what you're projecting onto them are your own visions of sacrifice.


The Sun in your opportunities sector (and Venus' union with Mercury) opens some doors related to long distance romance, travel, publishing, education or legal matters. It is in your best interests to expand/explore, although the square from Neptune can muddle your priorities, or see you ready to pin all your hopes on one promise/development. Stay open and curious, but avoid the temptation to give (sacrifice) everything before you know the whole story. The eclipse will give you a clear answer, or push you to give your answer/choice.Watch for key messages, conversations or emails.


The Sun in your sector of shared resources can open a dialogue/development related to loans, debts, taxes, your partner's finances or emotional intimacy. The square from Neptune can make your choices misleading, so avoid signing financial papers or putting all your faith in a promise or declaration. The eclipse will bring matters to a head in the form of big expenses, the need to downsize (financially) or emotional overindulgence. Issues with neediness, lack of boundaries or overblown expectations in a relationship will be confronted. Consider if your partner is willing/able to give with the same intensity that you are. Alternatively, if you need to let go of a deep relationship hurt, this eclipse could help you release and move on.


The Sun in your partnership sector (squared by Neptune) can make relationship goals foggy. Is this really what you want? Are you both on the same page? The eclipse in your sign will bring things to a turning point; you'll discover if your current dissatisfaction/doubts are connected to present circumstances, or echoes of past disappointments. The theme of this eclipse is partnership choices based on the truth, not some romantic ideal. This is where you decide if what you have is enough, or if you need more. Know that there is a difference between sacrificing what legitimately makes you happy, and being grounded. On the other hand, chasing after the unreachable, romantic dream is not the same as freedom.


The Sun in your sector of work, health and duties is squared by Neptune in your communication sector, making ideas, solutions, tasks, and personal priorities tricky. You may not have enough time to do what needs doing, or are receiving mixed messages from others about what they need. The eclipse can give you an opportunity to pull back from everything and recharge, or it may push you to the brink with a flood of paperwork and information. Whatever happens, be open to more than one answer. Staying flexible and using different approaches for different people (one solution will not work for everyone) is your best bet.


The Sun in your sector of creativity and fun keeps the urge to celebrate/kick back/flirt/grab attention going. It's your time to shine (or relax), even as the square from Neptune can push you take things a bit too far. Stay aware of any tendencies to exaggerate what you're capable of. On the other hand, don't allow doubts about your financial/emotional security to suck all the pleasure out of something nice. The eclipse can feature a successful culmination to a project or an exciting new romance/social connection. If the results have a little less sparkle than you hoped for, know that there's still plenty to work with, and lots of room to grow.


The Sun in your sector of home and family is squared by Neptune in your sign, making domestic goals, relocations or family planning unclear. "Home" may be a tricky concept for you right now, as you're torn between escaping and working with what you have. The eclipse brings these issues to a peak, as you're faced with an opportunity to expand in your career versus home/family issues. Despite any confusion you may feel, this will be a definite call for you to move forward and take hold of your dream. It's time to take the next step; your horizons are wide open.