Horoscopes for May 5th to May 12th


This week will be dominated by a New Moon solar eclipse in Taurus, on May 9th. Beginnings in the areas of security, finances, self-esteem, personal resources and romance are possible, with the emphasis on longevity and positive habits to back things up. What begins will quickly become ingrained with repetition. On the same day, Venus (Taurus' ruler) moves into the sign of Gemini. This sign is about multiple choices and communication; some of you may juggle more than one option, or meet a significant messenger who puts you on a whole new track. Keep your eyes and ears open, and you'll reap the full benefits of this eclipse.


The eclipse signals new opportunities in finances (a raise, or rate increase for your business) or emotional satisfaction. This could be a chance for you to start a new relationship, job, project or routine that enhances your personal resources. Venus' move into your communications sector indicates that discussions, bargaining or an exchange of information will be crucial to your success. Speak up about what you need, and listen to what others have to offer. The key is keeping your mind open to all new connections/messages.


The New Moon eclipse in your sign can start a brand new chapter or commitment. With Mars and Mercury backing you up, you'll have more than enough initiative/ideas to get this part of your life off to a good start. Venus (your ruler) moves into your security sector, helping you attract financial/emotional benefits to go along with this fresh beginning. When it comes to money or your personal needs, be flexible. You have more leverage to work with than you realize, so show that you're willing to entertain a few different choices. The right one will be obvious, but your open attitude will net you even more goodies.


The eclipse takes place in your hidden sector, triggering a private ambition, attraction or unacknowledged issue. You may not be totally clear on which direction to take this new development, and Venus' move into your sign could see one or more attractions/temptations/options vying for your attention. It's not time to make a firm decision just yet; the eclipse will set things in motion, but the bigger picture is still unclear. Allow things to develop at their own pace (which will probably be slow) and wait until Mercury and the Sun move into your sign (May 15 to 20) to gain more clarity.


The eclipse can bring a significant new person/association into your life, or move a friendship onto a whole different track. Venus' move into your sector of secrets suggests that hidden/unacknowledged attractions may be part of the package. Motivations (yours and theirs) will be unclear, and not everything will be as it appears. Go slow and allow this association to develop more fully before you make a decision. Group dynamics in general may be intriguing, but confusing (with mixed messages). There is potential to build on what's happening, but you need to make sure everyone is being honest.


The eclipse can open up new career opportunities (via a better position or brand new job). Increased responsibility and recognition/appreciation are possible, as is a more solid idea of where your future path leads. Venus' move into your sector of friends and groups  suggests that one or more key individuals will be part of your move forward. Your public image and reputation will be a theme during this eclipse, so pay attention to how you handle networking, socializing, interviews and even casual conversations. All of these areas will have a greater than anticipated impact on your career/future prospects.


Your sector of opportunities will be activated by this eclipse. Watch for new developments involving long distance travel, education, legal matters, publishing or any situation that lies outside of your daily limits. This energy is about extending your reach, and Venus' move into your career sector says that these developments will involve your career or future goals. The further you reach, the more options you'll be presented with. There could be multiple job possibilities, meetings, or indecision about which path to take. When in doubt, choose the option that is most closely aligned with your purpose or primary goal.


This eclipse can open new doors in the areas of intimacy and sharing, or present new chances  to solidify  financial situations involving debts, loans, taxes, inheritances or your partner's finances. As Venus (your ruler) moves into your opportunities sector, there could be even more benefits than you bargained for. A relationship could grow beyond your expectations, or financial assistance could appear from the unlikeliest of places. The key to breathing new life into a stagnant situation is to remain open to what's unfamiliar.


The New Moon eclipse hits your relationship sector, signalling a solid new partnership or deepening commitment. Venus moves into your sector of shared resources, indicating that the basis for what develops will depend on your willingness to communicate, and be flexible about certain boundaries. Whether it involves intimacy or finances, you need to demonstrate that your partner's ideas are valid. Alternatively, you may find more than one suitor competing for your attention.


The eclipse can put you on a productive new track involving health, exercise or work. You could gain control of your work habits, or make progress with a fitness, diet or injury issue. If you've been mired in bad habits, this influence could show you the way forward. Alternatively, watch for changes at work or with co-workers. Venus' move into your partnership sector suggests that the healthy routines you begin now will support (or be supported by) your relationship. Partnerships in general look to be a positive area; watch for practical, real-world evidence of your partner's commitment (and the same will be expected of you).


A creative opportunity or new romance could be coming your way with this eclipse. Whether you want to be noticed for your art or romantic appeal, this influence strongly encourages you to put yourself out there; you'll be noticed, and the benefits will be long-term. Venus' move into your sector of work urges you to make room in your daily routine for what you want. Life will become busy with intriguing developments, and you may have to juggle more than one attraction/project/creative idea. Alternatively, a particular person could offer you a solution/key/breakthrough. The theme for this eclipse will be how your daily life is set up to handle success.


The eclipse offers you a chance to celebrate. It will activate your sector of home and family, signalling a solid new chapter in your domestic life. This is a positive influence if you're looking to buy or rent a new home. If you've recently moved, renovated or welcomed a new addition, you can now stabilize yourself. The larger theme involves moving away from habits that have been in place since childhood. Venus moves into your sector of creativity and success, suggesting that you can ease your foot off the pedal and enjoy what life has to offer. You may see a new romance/attraction or creative project develop. Or, you may simply be in the mood for celebrating at home. Alternatively, these influences are excellent for starting a home business.


The New Moon eclipse hits your communications sector, bringing a definitive solution, idea, message or way to get your point across. Breakthrough/turning point conversations  can occur around this time; once it's been said/signed, there will be no going back. Venus moves into your sector of home and family, suggesting you may be in the mood for home decorating, celebrating or generally brightening up your domestic environment. Alternatively, these influences can indicate a significant development with a sibling.