It's Gemini Season: Expect More, Assume Nothing

Yesterday's post about Gemini read as negative (to one of my Gemini readers). But the fact that I'm writing about this is one of the great things about Gemini.

There is a stereotype that all Geminis play fast and loose with the truth. As I pointed out in yesterday's post, this is actually Gemini's Shadow (which is currently being brought out by the square from Neptune in Pisces). But what I'm doing right now (addressing this issue) is also Gemini. More information on the topic. Two sides to every story. Nothing is set in stone during Gemini season, because this mutable sign constantly brings in fresh ideas.

The whole concept of duality, of questioning assumptions, is pure Gemini. The "liar" stereotype comes from Gemini's ability to see both sides of every issue. They understand that ideas are fluid.  When someone makes a statement, Gemini says "Yes, but..." This is essential, because it keeps us moving. What was established in Taurus, will now be tested as the planets move through Gemini.  Mercury ruled Gemini is the Teacher, and the lesson plan is always interesting.

And if there was a catchword for Gemini, it would be "interesting". They question, they seek answers, and the answers lead to more questions. Everything is of interest to them, because their goal is to exchange information. The highest expression of this sign is the neutral observer, the impartial conduit for ideas. No judgements, just a presentation of the facts (spun in lively and exciting ways...this is also the sign of the Storyteller).

So what's the lesson here, for Gemini season? Check your assumptions. Gather information and stay open. If there is a positive to the Neptune square, it's that it will dissolve narrow viewpoints and allow fresh information in. You can dream big and play with the possibilites.

Ask yourself:

  • What do I "know", and is there room to expand on that?
  • Could I be capable of X?

It may not be time to commit or settle on one option (that will happen after June 7th) but  it's definitely time to look at what else is out there.