It's Not Too Late: Saturn As Scheduler In Your Life

Ever get the feeling that you're too late? That you waited too long to try____? Maybe your timing is just right.

I started thinking about this issue after discussions with a client. Often, the area of your life where you think you've put things off is the house (in your chart) where Saturn sits. You know Saturn causes delays. He pushes you to work, but he also slows things down. Sometimes, you don't accomplish a goal until much later in life.

While it is entirely possible to procrastinate and miss opportunities, consider that some delays are meant to be. One of Saturn's personas is Father Time; he sets the limits of what is possible, when it's possible. Certain things are only meant to happen after you've reached a level of maturity, or have accomplished other goals. Saturn calls the shots, especially in the house that he occupies. Many people become acutely aware of this during their Saturn Returns (around ages 30 and 60), when transiting Saturn crosses over their natal Saturn.

So, check the house in your chart where your natal Saturn is. What activities are represented? I wrote a post on house themes here, if you're not sure. If it's taken you awhile to tackle the issues in that house (but you're working on them now), consider the possibility that you're not too late. You're probably on Saturn's schedule.