The South Node in Taurus and the New Moon Eclipse

Lots of talk about how tonight's New Moon eclipse (exact at 8:25 PM EDT) is a bit of a mind bender. It falls close to the transiting South Node in Taurus (at 16 degrees).

South Node equals the past. The New Moon eclipse equals beginnings. Confusing?

There's still going to be a new chapter. It's unavoidable; eclipses set the agenda, like it or not. But the SN energy suggests you'll be revisiting a past habit (Taurus) or scenario. This could mean unfinished business (and a chance to do it right, this time). What's unfinished may or may not be obvious; depends if you're tuned into the transiting South Node.

But remember this: the area of your chart where the transiting SN is only represents the apparent issue that you need to release. The actual issue is represented by the location of your natal Venus (not transiting Venus). I wrote an article about that, here.

So it's still in your best interests to start something new. If nothing "old" pops up, don't sweat it. But be aware of any tendencies to slip back into limiting routines/attitudes. We're all creatures of habit, so everything is based on what's come before. But this eclipse will be an opportunity to correct yourself.