Full Moon in Aquarius: A Whole New Game

For those of you feeling stuck, bogged down or frustrated, July 22nd could put you in a whole new game.

There's a Full Moon at 0 degrees Aquarius. Full Moons are about culmination, and this one will be special because it will activate the first degree of a sign. There's completion here, and it will immediately help you shift gears.

What do we know about Aquarius? It's about liberation and individuality. Breaking free and being yourself. Whatever peaks on this Full Moon will call on you to do what's right for you. The Sun (which will be opposing this Moon) will move from introverted Cancer to 0 degrees, extroverted Leo. The Leo/Aquarius axis is "Look at me!" Yes, Aquarius does this...but the attention has a rebellious edge, rather than Leo's love me/worship me vibe. This energy will be about finishing or achieving something, whether or not it's the popular choice. Standing apart from everyone else, because this thing that you're doing does not follow the rules.

But there's more. On the same day, Venus (love, self-esteem and money) will move into Virgo. Virgo is the perfectionist, the sign of details. What the Full Moon brings, must be done correctly. It won't be enough to throw up your hands and walk away. There's accountability here (in the Venus-ruled areas). If you're ending something, tie up all the loose ends. If something is coming to a turning point, pay close attention to what needs to be done. Just because you'll be pushing your own agenda, doesn't mean you'll get to be sloppy about it. Keep it clean, and move forward with the satisfaction that you did it right.

Think of it as precision rebellion.

Note that Mars in Cancer will conjunct Jupiter on this day as well, so there will be some enthusiastic (and perhaps, volatile) emotional energy buoying you along. All in all, a superb day to break free.

If you have planets/angles from 0-2 degrees Aquarius, Leo, Virgo or Pisces, you'll feel this energy most strongly.