Libra and the Cardinal Transits: Finding Balance

Libra is getting walloped. Three of the four Cardinal signs (Aries, Capricorn and Cancer) are being transited by outer planets. The fourth (Libra) is feeling all, three transits. Simultaneously.

Libra likes balance. How is that even possible at the moment?

If you have planets/angles in Libra, they will be opposed by Uranus (in Aries), squared by Pluto (in Capricorn), and squared by Jupiter (in Cancer). A commenter gave me the idea for this post, when she pointed out that Jupiter's impact on Libra is going to be one more helping of disruption, despite Jupiter's rep for bringing good stuff.

She's right. When you're being jolted by Uranus and pressured by Pluto, the last thing you want to deal with is Jupiter's big-boy enthusiasm. But deal you must. The easiest way is to break it down:

  • If your Libra planets/angles are being squared by Pluto: look at what needs to die. Pluto transits trigger a death (metaphorically), so you need to get real about a relationship/habit/association and allow part of it (or all of it) to die. This is so you can transform that area of your life. Pluto demands authenticity and looking beneath the surface. 
  • If your Libra planets/angles are being opposed by Uranus: look at what needs to be liberated. Uranus transits trigger freedom from limits (such as emotional dishonesty, vacillation, and denial). Uranus will push you outside your comfort zone.
  • If your Libra planets/angles are being squared by Jupiter: welcome whatever changes it brings. It may feel like too much, but Jupiter always offers a chance to move forward.

Note that my references to transiting Uranus and Pluto encompass the Uranus-Pluto square.

Depending on what degrees of Libra you have planets/angles at, you may be experiencing the above influences all at once, or gradually. Either way, it's a lot for a sign that craves harmony. All you can do is remember this:

Things aren't going to be harmonious for awhile. You will be pushed from one extreme to the other, but somewhere in there is the middle ground that you love. This is how you'll discover it. Allow yourself to explore the extremes, and then bring back what you've learned and make that middle ground bigger and more stable. The net result of these transits will be to deepen your concept of serenity, and your ability to attain it.  They will take you beyond any narrow, surface definitions of "harmony" that you may have. You'll move from "Let's pretend everything is ok" to "It really is ok because I experienced these extremes, and discovered the bridge between them." 

How the above impacts you will depend on your chart. You might learn to say "No", or "I want this", or realize that what/who you want is making you co-dependent. You may discover something that (you thought) mattered very much is actually hollow, and something that you disregarded is the real deal.

Right now, Pluto is at 10 degrees Capricorn, Uranus is at 12 degrees Aries and Jupiter is at 3 degrees Cancer. Libra planets/angles around those degrees are being hit.