Uranus Retrograde: The Game Changer

Uranus at 12 degrees Aries goes retrograde (reversed) on July 17th. You might assume this "backwards"motion will trigger a slowdown. Actually, it will be an intensification.

Anytime a planet goes retrograde, its energy is internalized. There may be a return to past issues, but the energy becomes highly focused. It's a chance to re-do or re-consider, and you must have intensified focus in order to get it right.

Think about the changes transiting Uranus (in the Aries section of your chart) has been stirring up. They've probably been aggressive or impulsive. Maybe you've totally skipped over something. Uranus retrograde will force (that's a strong word, but this is a strong transit) you to take a second look or initiate a change that's been in the works for awhile. It will probably be directed at one particular issue, situation or person.

This influence can also bring a breakthrough. Uranus is responsible for flashes of ingenuity and 11th hour about-faces. So if there's something you're stuck on or in, this transit could be your escape hatch. Pay attention to crazy ideas and unexpected encounters; they could be your ticket out (and up).

Uranus will retrograde from 12 to 8 degrees Aries, when it goes direct on December 17th. If you have planets/angles at these degrees in Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn, get ready for a game changer. And remember...no matter what happens, Uranus' ultimate purpose is liberation (for you)!