Horoscopes for August 11th to August 18th

  "The Roses of Heliogabalus" by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema



August 13th to 14th gives us an open-minded trine between Mercury (communication) in showy Leo, and Uranus retrograde (liberation) in courageous Aries. This is the risk-taker's influence that everyone can partake of. Innovative ideas and bold words will have a smooth delivery. Venus (love, money and self-esteem) moves into her home sign of Libra from August 16th to September 11th. All Venus-ruled areas will be focused on social acceptance, fairness and comparison. Venus in Libra makes decisions based on what others have, so jealousy and sugar-coated competitiveness may also be emphasized.


Mercury in your sector of self-expression is given an inspirational boost by Uranus retrograde in your sign. Creative ideas, self-promotion, taking that flirtation a step further - all are encouraged under this aspect. You can say something a bit impulsive or risky, and your words should be well received. This is an especially good release for that chance you've been dying to take. Venus' move into your partnership sector brings even more of a shine to your love life. An existing romantic relationship should feel sweeter/more harmonious, or a new attraction could blossom into a relationship. All one on one interactions (romantic or professional) have the potential to flow harmoniously; your chances of attracting the type of partner you want will increase. However, watch for passive-aggressive competitiveness or jealousy from a love interest.


Mercury in your domestic sector opens things up, with help from Uranus retrograde (in your sector of secrets). Private ambitions, changes or background potentials that have been simmering can now safely be expressed to loved ones or family members; they'll be more encouraging than you expect. This is also an excellent influence for expanding or changing the direction of a home business. As Venus (your ruler) moves into your sector of routine, the focus will shift to what you need to do for others. Balancing your desires with their needs will be paramount. Fortunately, this influence also improves all work/duty relationships; it will be easy for you to take care of obligations, because others should be cooperative. The downside to this is buried resentment (on your part) if your contributions are not fully acknowledged. Know that others may not give you full acknowledgement; how important is that to you?


Mercury (your ruler) in your communication sector is enhanced by Uranus retrograde in your social sector. This is the time to reach out, network and contact as many people as you can. Whether there's a specific issue you need publicity/support for, or you just want to meet new people, this energy will make it easy for you to take acceptable social risks. Venus' move into your sector of self-expression adds more emphasis to the social vibe; you'll attract favourable attention, feel optimistic, and will generally experience an increase in flirtatious charm. If you just want to kick back and have fun, this energy will support that as well. Being acknowledged for your charm (and your impact on others) can become a big deal; don't let it tarnish an otherwise sparkling influence with resentment, if you don't get the attention you feel you deserve.


Mercury in your sector of personal resources brings positive new financial/emotional developments, courtesy of the trine to Uranus retrograde in your career sector. Watch for leads on promising job developments or additional sources of income. This is also a good time to broach the topic of a pay increase with management (or to raise your rates in your own business). If you have an untried/unusual idea related to business, money or your emotional satisfaction, now is the time to make it public. You could also receive surprising but favourable information in these areas. As Venus moves into your domestic sector, expect increased harmony in home/family matters. Home businesses and decorating/renovations should also proceed smoothly. Acknowledgement from family members will become especially important. You may do more, while simultaneously feeling hurt if your contributions aren't recognized.  Avoid the temptation to indirectly punish others (while continuing to give) if you're not feeling valued.


Mercury in your sign is sparked by Uranus retrograde in your opportunities sector; give serious consideration to new ideas/conversations, no matter how far outside your frame of reference they may be. This energy can help you make an innovative leap, a serendipitous connection or push you out of a rut, as long as you accept the change that's being offered (and act quickly when you see the chance). Venus' move into your communication sector increases your verbal charisma. You can easily sell/persuade or flirt your way to a favourable result. This energy increases your ability to mediate or see both sides of the story; if you've been experiencing tension with someone, it may be up to you to extend an olive branch (your carefully balanced words will be well-received).  Your thoughts/attitude should receive an overall, optimistic boost.


Mercury (your ruler) in your hidden sector is encouraged by Uranus retrograde in your sector of shared resources. Revelations/innovations are possible during this influence, but they'll most likely be private. Dreamwork, meditation, psychological analysis or private conversations with one, trusted person are possible avenues for clarity or inspiration. Your "Ah-ha" moment may be potent, but you won't feel like sharing it with the world. Venus' move into your security sector can bring you some extra cash, or sweeten an existing emotional situation. The key is balancing what you give with what you get, and paying close attention to the message of "worthiness" that you give out to others. You get what you feel you deserve, under this influence.


Mercury in your social sector receives a stimulating jolt from Uranus retrograde in your partnership sector. New social connections, group affiliations or online dating are all excellent possibilities if you're looking to meet a new, romantic interest. An existing relationship can be invigorated if you get out and spread your wings (without your partner). Allow the energy of change (that's blowing through your love life) some room to circulate. This shouldn't be too difficult, as Venus (your ruler) enters your sign. You'll be magnetically in demand, attracting admirers without even trying (provided you get out and spread your magic). If a relationship has recently ended, or hit a rough patch, this is just the energy you'll need to boost your optimism and sense of personal beauty/love/acceptance.


Mercury in your career sector gets an innovative hit from Uranus retrograde in your sector of routine. Promising developments/product launches at work will be driven by your fresh approach to duties, problems or volatile issues. Management/clients will be impressed by your ability to roll with the punches, and bounce back with creative, slightly daring ideas. This is your opportunity to be brilliant and make your own rules. As Venus moves into your hidden sector, watch for intriguing background potentials or private attractions to grow. Alternatively, you may feel the urge to withdraw; make use of your valuable private time, because once Venus moves into your sign (on September 11) you'll be magnetizing significant attention.


Mercury in your opportunities sector is switched on by Uranus retrograde in your sector of self expression. Watch for unexpected invites/messages/information in the areas of long distance travel, education, legal matters or publishing. If there's a creative project/personal goal/big change that you've been sitting on, now is your chance to let the world know (and enjoy its response). This energy is good for any kind of amplification/promotion of that special light you know you have inside of you. Take this energy and work it, because Venus' move into your social sector can bring new romantic opportunities (through friends) or simply make friendships/group activities lighthearted and pleasurable. A perfect time to get out and enjoy being around others. Positive first impressions (due to your increased charisma) are almost a guarantee, as long as you don't get too caught up in competitions about who's the most fabulous.


Mercury in your sector of shared resources is supported by Uranus retrograde in your domestic sector. Changes at home/with family (that have been simmering for some time) can find expression as you do research, reach out to certain connections, or discuss matters with a partner (romantic or business). Joint finances (taxes, debts, loans, your partner's finances) may factor into this. Financial decisions (especially involving your home, mortgage or home business) are also favoured. Your best bet is to focus on changes that are clearly a move forward from the past. Venus' move into your career sector can boost your status, public profile, or create a favourable rapport with management. You'll look good, but to make the most of this energy, develop your work connections and client relationships. What seems like surface chit-chat can have a more significant impact.


Mercury in your partnership sector is pushed by Uranus retrograde in your communication sector. Relationship discussions can lead to increased freedom now, as long as you take that leap (which really isn't as big as it seems) and just say what's been on your mind. You've been agitating to express yourself fully for a while, and this energy is your ticket. Venus' move into your sector of opportunities pushes the freedom agenda even more, as you feel the urge to explore new territory (romantic or otherwise). Whether you're single or attached, this influence suggests that what's out there is more intriguing than what's at home. Note that this does not have to involve romance; a trip or course of study (taken purely for pleasure) can feel like a breath of fresh air.


Mercury in your sector of routine gets a boost from Uranus retrograde in your security sector. Innovative solutions, encouraging medical news or a second wind at work will be driven by your changing financial/emotional status. Whether you find yourself juggling tasks to make ends meet, or juggling obligations to find firmer ground for yourself, this energy will give you a loophole or surprising way forward. As Venus moves into your sector of shared resources, watch for financial assistance, or a nice break regarding taxes, debts, loans or your partner's finances. Alternatively, physical/emotional intimacy can be wonderfully rewarding, as what you share with your partner is fully reciprocated. However, buried jealousy/possessiveness can also increase (seemingly out of nowhere); remind yourself that a partner will only give you what they want to.