Horoscopes for August 25th to September 1st


August 27th (to October 15th) Mars (the planet of energy and aggression) moves through the dramatic sign of Leo. Actions will be about grabbing attention and appreciation. People will want to be noticed for what they do, and immediate gratification will be an issue. The potential for success is high, as long as you don't get sidetracked by battles based on ego and pride. From August 29th to September 1st, the Sun in perfectionist Virgo is boosted by a trine from Pluto retrograde (power and transformation) in structured Capricorn. This influence is also about success, but in a much quieter, more methodical way. The classic mantra of "focus and hard work" applies.


Mars (your ruler) moves into your sector of self expression, firing up your lust for fun and attention. These things can come your way, as your confidence will be boosted, along with your drive to create or show off. This influence supports performance, artistic creation, self-promotion and passionate romance (with a competitive edge). But as much as you may want to indulge yourself, the Sun (in your sector of work and health) is powered up by Pluto retrograde (in your career sector) suggesting that obligations and discipline can be easily mastered, if you focus. The details that you attend to in your daily routine/work environment will support, and be supported by, your bigger career goals. Management will respond favourably to your efforts, as long as you can keep your ego in check and do what needs to be done.


Mars' move into your domestic sector can trigger home renovations/projects and increased energy between family members. Ambition will run high, but so will increased demands for attention and appreciation (from you, or from those you live with). You can accomplish a lot with this energy, but watch out for ego-driven conflicts. The Sun in your sector of self-expression is boosted by Pluto retrograde in your opportunities sector, opening up a window for success in any project/goal that you'd like to launch (towards a wider audience). Making your mark and getting the word out are favoured, but the key will be concerted effort and perfecting your delivery. Power is in the details.


Mars in your communication sector powers up your words, pushing you to speak your mind and/or promote yourself. This is an excellent influence if you need to stand up for yourself, make a strong impression (via discussions, meetings or email) or promote a writing project. But this energy can also stir up opposition from others, as they respond to your increased bluntness. Deliver your message carefully. The Sun in your domestic sector is bolstered by Pluto retrograde in your sector of shared resources, suggesting positive developments in the areas of home/business loans, mortgages, family budgets or your partner's finances. Physical/emotional intimacy can also be quietly strengthened. In all areas, the key is empowerment through attention to family/domestic obligations.


Mars in your sector of personal resources can see you demanding more (money or emotional security). This will be based on your increased awareness of what you want and what you deserve. You may even find yourself being pushy as you rebel against settling for second best. The caution is to keep an eye on your spending; big, impulse purchases can drain money as quickly as it comes in. The Sun in your communication sector is enhanced by Pluto retrograde in your relationship sector, indicating positive and productive conversations with a partner. Planning for the future and dealing with major changes in your relationship should flow easily, as you'll be able to work together. If you're single, this influence can open up new relationship possibilities via online dating or introductions. This is not a wildly romantic influence, but it does promise solid progress.


Mars enters your sign, adding fuel to your fire. You'll be energized, ambitious and ready to tackle whatever comes your way.  Asserting your right to be you, while always tops on your list, will take on added significance. Note that this energy can bring some anger (even hostility) your way, so keep this in mind if you decide to challenge someone. But overall, this is a positive influence. However, in your push forward, don't overlook the little things. The Sun (your ruler) in your security sector is supported by Pluto retrograde in your sector of daily routine. Financial and emotional stability can be enhanced, if you take care of business. This may involve focusing on one, specific task that needs to be done, or intensifying your health/exercise routine. Pay attention to all mundane issues, as this influence will give you an opportunity to empower yourself through them.


Mars in your sector of secrets can see you keeping certain actions in the shadows, or at least on the back burner until you feel more confident. This influence suggests that now is not quite the right time to initiate something (because you're not ready, or you're not seeing the whole picture). But it also speaks to growing potential. Fortunately, the Sun in your sign is powered up by Pluto retrograde (in your sector of self expression) giving you a boost in other areas. An existing creative/personal project can move forward quite nicely, or you may simply enjoy this energy as a boost to your confidence and well being. The key is having faith in something you've been trying to create. You have the tools, and the power, to make it happen.


Mars in your social sector brings you public recognition, but also public challenges. Discord with friends may be mixed with celebration, self-promotion and increased socialization. Any challenges (and successes) will be based on your increased push for appreciation; you're not usually so overt. It will be up to you to decide which situations are appropriate for this, and which are not. The Sun in your sector of secrets is supported by Pluto retrograde in your domestic sector, suggesting that time alone, or time spent in introspection/meditation, can be quietly rejuvenating. It may be difficult to find time for yourself, with Mar's activation of your social sector, but this can be a good way to ground and centre, if all the public energy becomes too much.


Mars fires up your career sector, pushing you to grab for the brass ring. Whether this involves making yourself known on a special project, or gaining appreciation from management, this energy is fantastic for drawing attention to you. However, this also means that your actions will be on public display, and reputation could be an issue. Overall, this is an excellent influence for a professional launch or promotion. The Sun in your social sector is supported by Pluto retrograde (your ruler) in your communication sector, adding power and focus to your social contacts. This is the time to try out an idea (on the group) that you've been developing, or to take a very close look at which associations benefit you, and which do not. Your perception, while always penetrating, will be extra sharp.


Mars in your opportunities sector fires up your longing for something different or a bit risky. This energy is about shining your light into places you've always longed to explore. Long distance travel, education, legal matters, foreign people, legal matters or publishing can all beckon. This is a hugely energetic influence that supports initiating optimistic exploration. The Sun in your career sector is powered up by Pluto retrograde in your sector of resources, giving your goals, job performance and public reputation a boost. However, nothing will fall into your lap; details and unglamorous work are the keys to success. Changes in your earning potential or emotional needs will drive you forward. If you need a more solid base, this influence can help you create it.


Mars in your sector of shared resources can draw your attention to debts, loans, taxes or your partner's finances. Expenses can flare up, but so can sudden opportunities to deal with them. Alternatively, physical and emotional intimacy can be hot (even a little overwhelming). In all cases, how much you're willing share, and how much recognition you expect for you contributions, will be an issue. Some frustrations can arise, because Mars in this area is "me first", but someone else will have the control or final say. The Sun in your opportunities sector is enhanced by Pluto retrograde in your sign. The deep overhaul that's been going on in your life can now net you rewards in the areas of long distance travel, education, legal matters or publishing. Your old limits have probably been flattened, so it's up to you to step over the rubble of what used to be, and start exploring. This needn't be crazy or risky; step by step actions and careful planning will help you focus on one, intriguing new area.


Mars in your relationship sector can trigger some passionate moments, or a battle of wills. Partners (or potential partners) can be highly demanding (and pushy) or someone new can grab your attention in a dramatic way. The Sun in your sector of shared resources is quietly supported by Pluto retrograde in your hidden sector. Despite (or because of) all the drama in your love life, you may just want to pull back and put up your defences. Alternatively, solutions may arise involving shared finances (debts, taxes, loans, your partner's finances); this won't be a dramatic change, but it does suggest that some digging can unearth a new source of support that you hadn't considered.


Mars in your sector of routine can keep you busy with extra tasks/obligations, but you'll have the energy to power through them. This influence also supports success in sports competitions, or attempts to boost your fitness level. The only frustration you may feel is a certain lack of recognition for your efforts. Don't let this stop you from offering your best; you can still net some significant wins, even if the applause is not as loud as you hoped. The Sun in your partnership sector is supported by Pluto retrograde in your social sector, indicating that the "fix" for any relationship difficulties lies in the changes you've been experiencing with your friends/group/public image. Note that "partnerships" covers romantic and business. Bring those larger, external changes down to a one on one level, and see what happens.