Horoscopes for August 4th to August 11th

  Painting by Richard Westall



The opposition between expansive Jupiter in Cancer and all-or-nothing Pluto in Capricorn is in effect from July 26th to August 7th. This aspects intensifies emotional expectations, and expands the corresponding drive for power/transformation. There's potential for great achievement, but also for fanatical power struggles. An opposition is always about you versus them, or internal versus external. Pushing for what you need will have to be balanced with an awareness of the impact on others. The New Moon in Leo (on August 6th) will be powered up by this opposition; new beginnings will be dramatic, emotional or demanding. Anything that starts will have "audience impact and appreciation" as a major component. As Mercury (information and communication)  moves into Leo from August 8th to August 23rd, New Moon beginnings will be facilitated/clarified with increased planning, organization, discussions, ideas or introductions.


The Jupiter/Pluto opposition will intensify expansion at home and career/future goals. Changes in one area will drive transformations in the other. For example, a relocation to a bigger residence could result from a promotion at work. The addition of a new baby could push you to become more ambitious at work, in order to pay the increased bills. The New Moon (in your sector of creativity and self-expression) will launch off of the Jupiter/Pluto influence, pushing you to demand more/expect more/strut your stuff. This is excellent energy if you need to launch a new project or promote yourself. However, be cautious about making excessive emotional demands, or reacting to career/home pressure with dramatic scenes. As Mercury moves into your creativity sector, conversations/information will involve children, creative work or putting your ideas out there for everyone to hear.


Jupiter in your communications sector opposes Pluto in your sector of opportunities, indicating intensified exploration/communication regarding long distance travel, education or legal matters. This aspect could also mark an achievement (like graduation) or successful conclusion to a legal issue. Alternatively, your gung-ho ideas could be challenged by someone with more authority (a teacher/mentor/professional). Be wary of ramming your agenda forward; balance your fervour with an awareness of how much a fight is going to cost you. The New Moon in your domestic sector can bring the Jupiter/Pluto issue close to home. The ideas/ideals/achievements or challenges from Jupiter/Pluto may trigger a fresh start with family. A relocation is another possibility. As Mercury enters your domestic sector, family discussions, conversations about the past, information about a relocation/rental agreement/mortgage or home business may all be on the table.


Jupiter in your sector of personal resources opposes Pluto in your sector of shared resources. This is will be about what you have/want versus what someone else wants. Not a great aspect for compromise, as you'll be driven by security fears and deep desires. Financially, this aspect could go either way; big success or big debt. You do have control over the Jupiter end of things (how much you spend). Physical/emotional intimacy matters can be heightened, and breakthroughs/wonderfully intense moments are possible. Try to avoid bringing power struggles into the mix, as they will become explosive. The New Moon (in your communication sector) can signify a new chapter conversation/agreement/signing of documents,  triggered by the Jupiter/Pluto opposition. As Mercury (your ruler) moves into your communication sector, you'll find the pace of things (emails, phone calls, introductions) will pick up, as will your flow of ideas. Expressing yourself with full intent should become much easier.


Jupiter in your sign will oppose Pluto in your relationship sector. Relationship tensions/progress will be driven by your desire to expand/be more/experience more, and your partner's reaction to this. Or, you could end up pushing back against your partner if they exercise their authority. Beware of destructive power struggles during the few days this aspect is active. Alternatively, if you're single, you could meet someone who challenges you to reach past your existing comfort zone. The New Moon in your sector of security will focus these relationship issues on what makes you feel safe, and what you need. This Moon will be excellent for boosting your sense of entitlement, and helping you feel like you deserve the best (because you do). Watch for a financial opportunity as well. As Mercury moves into your security sector, you'll find it easier to announce what works for you, and what doesn't.


Jupiter in your hidden sector opposes Pluto in your sector of work/health/duties. Changes in your routine/physical energy or work duties may trigger some unexpected resources, or behind the scenes help. Even if things feel out of control, there is someone/something that you can rely on, although this assistance will not be immediately obvious. This influence can also suggest that you have more going for you than you think; you can take on this challenge, and succeed. Further proof of your potential for success; the New Moon in your sign opens up a door, starts a fresh chapter or gives you a second wind. Power yourself forward. As Mercury moves into your sign, the tempo of messages/conversations/emails (given and received) will increase. This influence can facilitate planning, organization, and is especially helpful if you need to speak in front of a group of people, participate in crucial meetings or deliver your message.


Jupiter in your social sector opposes Pluto in your sector of self-expression. New friendships/group affiliations or your expanding impact on the public will be driven by your focus on a personal goal or dream. This is an excellent influence if you're trying to promote your work or get noticed. However, be cautious of tunnel vision when it comes to dealing with others; there's more going on here than just your agenda. The New Moon in your hidden sector can mean the unfolding of a new, but still unclear, opportunity. This will be related to the Jupiter/Pluto opposition, as your social impact may open a surprising new door/secret hope. It's too soon to say how big this will get (although Jupiter/Pluto promises the potential for serious growth), so let it remain on the back burner for now. Once Mercury (your ruler) moves into your hidden sector, you'll get more information on this hidden development. Pay attention to less obvious facts/ideas; you may hear something (by accident) that sheds a new light on things.


Jupiter in your career sector opposes Pluto in your domestic sector. Opportunities to grow professionally will run up against the bigger transformations that have been rolling through your home/family life. This could result in frustrations as you push back against domestic restrictions, or increased ambition on the job as your focus and desire to do/have more reach new proportions. Remind yourself that what's happening at home is meant to move you away from the past. The New Moon in your social sector can start a new chapter that involves your greatest wish feeling closer than ever, or dynamic new connections with others. Your impact on "the public" will be connected to Jupiter/Pluto's drive for success. As Mercury enters your social sector, watch for new introductions/conversations that can further your public/social ambitions. Now is the time to put yourself out there, personally and professionally.


Jupiter in your sector of opportunities opposes Pluto (your ruler) in your communications sector. The chance to go further/do more in the areas of long distance travel, education, legal matters or publishing will be driven by an obsessive idea or compelling piece of information. This energy can help you make a great leap forward, even if it seems a bit risky. However, fanatical dedication to a new philosophy/belief is also a possibility, so make sure that what you're putting your faith in is legitimate. The New Moon in your career sector can introduce a new job, a shift in your existing job or a chance to boost your professional image. Approval/attention from others for what you do will be an important theme. Any advances in this area will involve the move forward that Jupiter/Pluto is urging you to make. As Mercury moves into your career sector, watch for an increase in meetings, presentations and discussions about job performance/visibility. This influence should also make it easier for you to articulate your future goals.


Jupiter (your ruler) in your sector of shared resources opposes Pluto in your security sector, bringing a possible culmination involving debts, taxes, loans, your partner's finances or financial compensation that you've been waiting for. There is the potential for great success, but it could also bring dramatically increased expenses, or power struggles with another over financial control. Treat all money matters with caution while this aspect is happening. Alternatively, emotional/physical intimacy can experience an  intensification or rejuvenation. The New Moon in your sector of opportunities will use the Jupiter/Pluto energy to propel you forward (in the areas of long distance travel, education, legal matters or publishing). A new development in any of these areas can lead to much more, and as Mercury enters this sector, you'll start gathering information, reaching out to others or putting your thoughts out there. This energy facilitates teaching, mentoring, promoting yourself to a wider audience or getting your work published.


Jupiter in your partnership sector opposes Pluto in your sign. There's growth and expansion happening in your love life, no matter how you may feel about certain events. Possibilities are opening up, and you're being urged (in some cases forced) to allow someone more access/freedom, or (if you're single) to allow yourself to have faith that there could be someone, just for you. The more uncomfortable this feels, the more you need to distance yourself from your old rules. The New Moon in your sector of shared resources indicates a fresh chapter involving emotional/physical intimacy, or your partner's finances. Whatever starts in these areas will be triggered by the Jupiter/Pluto changes. As Mercury enters your shared resources sector, discussions and plans about what comes next will be facilitated. Use this influence to broach any subjects that felt sensitive/forbidden previously.


Jupiter in your sector of daily routine opposes Pluto in your hidden sector. Energetic developments involving co-workers, work duties or health/energy level/fitness will be intensified by changes or ambitions that you've been keeping to yourself. Whether it's a secret, or something that you haven't fully acknowledged, a background issue can mean success for what needs to be done. The key will be in how you handle these hidden energies; are you in control of them, or do they control you? The New Moon in your partnership sector indicates a relationship shift will be based on how you handle the Jupiter/Pluto opposition. Watch how your partner responds to your accelerated energy level/ambition. Single Aquarians can use this influence to approach matters of love and relating with a new perspective; consider how the current changes in your work life/health will impact your love life. As Mercury moves into your partnership sector, partnership discussions/plans will be powerful. Your partner's thoughts on being appreciated (or not) by you will be expressed openly. Single Aquarians can expect an increase in introductions/flirtations with romantic potential.


Jupiter in your sector of self expression opposes Pluto in your social sector. This is the time to intensify your efforts on a creative project/personal goal, or go all out in the pursuit of a dream. You'll expect more, and you can get it, as long as you avoid projecting your expectations onto others. Concentrate on how you can make your dreams happen. If you experience push back from an external source, faith in your own talent and potential will get you through. The New Moon in your sector of routine indicates that the Jupiter/Pluto push for more will require a fresh approach to your work/duties/health routine. Big picture developments are brought down to the daily level; watch for an energy surge/second wind/solution or new attitude towards how you can boost your personal magnetism. As Mercury enters your sector of routine, you'll be buzzing with vibrant plans/ideas on how to make this all happen. Mercury can also bring more work emails, discussions and tasks.