Knowing When It's Enough: The Virgo Opposition To Chiron In Pisces

While the upcoming Virgo New Moon will feature an opposition to Chiron (Wounded Healer) in Pisces, you're probably feeling this energy already. Mercury (communication) in Virgo opposes Chiron (at 11 degrees) exactly today, and the Sun in Virgo will oppose it from August 31st to September 3rd.

Virgo worries and fixes, Chiron hurts. Virgo hurts too, because something isn't good enough. Virgo needs things to be wrong , so they can be improved. You see how this can keep the wound (Chiron) open through self-flagellation and obsession (Virgo). During these influences, it will be easy to punish yourself...and others.

But it can also be easy to let go of something, especially if you see that it can't be fixed. When do you keep trying, and when do you say "enough?" To me, that's a big part of this energy; knowing when to drop the helper/martyr routine and just...release (Pisces). That's when the healing begins. Because the Chiron wound is never, fully healed. And Pisces is not about perfection, and all the loose ends neatly tied up. It's about acceptance and transcendence. Forgiving, but not forgetting.

Sometimes there is a solution (Virgo is the fixer sign). But how do you know the difference between improving a situation, and delaying the healing?


  • You've already covered this ground previously, and it didn't work out then...
  • Helping someone disempowers you...
  • You find yourself nagging, nitpicking, obsessing...

... you're not healing, you're hurting.